Am I converted to using a Makeup Sponge instead of a brush?* 4

Pamper Therapy UK recently sent me the must have beauty item that everyone has had for a few years now, but typical me, I am very late to the party with beauty items. Oh my gosh! why did I not invest and try one before now?! It not only blends […]



My first spa experience with Bluestone Wales

I have never been to a spa or anything similar in fact, so when Bluestone Wales offered us a spa treatment in our blogger pack, I was very happy indeed. We all chose the aromatherapy massage but I think everyone had different thoughts to their experience¬†. Most of the girls […]

My second time organising and now hosting a blogger event.

If you don’t know already that I run @WelshBigEvents then where have you been? But if you are new and intrigued, on what it takes to actually host and organise a successful blogger event then hello! Welcome new friends and old, today just before I started typing this up I […]



7 things to do in Bluestone Wales

Get a golf buddy – we didn’t manage to get one, but so wished we could of whizzed around on one, I mean I enjoyed the walks a lot but yeah they look cute and fun! The spa, you have to visit it and try a treatment, you get 2 […]

My morning skin care 1

There’s a tonne of these on the internet, I’m sure you’ve seen from blog posts to YouTube GRWM routines. I like to read and watch these, not necessarily to see the products they are using, as they might not work for my skin. But to find different routines, and see […]



5 Girls let loose in Folly Farm*

So what do 5 girls on a girly holiday to West Wales get up to? Well, of course going to go see some cute animals was on the agenda! And it just so happened that Folly Farm Wales had invited us all along for a day of grown-up girly fun, […]

How I blog, full time job, event plan and do coursework

Hey, if you dont know me well enough by now then you have a lot to learn! I’m bloody crazy, absolutely bonkers in all honesty. I’ve worked since I left college back in 2012. But joined this full time administration job in august 2013. For about 2 years I rolled […]



I got the opportunity to #GetFeD at FeD Cardiff*

An Email popped through my inbox to visit FeD Cardiff on a review basis, for their Super Summer Menu. I was super excited to visit, and to review a restaurant with my plus one. Robyn and I made our way to Cardiff, it was nearly a 2 hour long journey […]

My first girls holiday with Bluestone Wales

We (Neesha, Ffion, Holly, Lottie & I) got invited by Bluestone Wales, to come and spend 4 nights in their amazing resort! I am actually sat on their sofa right now, when writing this, and I still can not believe it! I have got so many amazing photos and stories […]



Welcome to my Lodge – Bluestone Wales – Cribz Style 1


I apologise in advance for the “dodgy” camera skills… my camera actually just broke down on the last night. So on leaving day I had to film this on my EE action cam, which doesn’t have a viewfinder. Therefore I had to wing it, as I really wanted to show you the place.

Yeah… Okay you can laugh… it really was a bit of a disastrous vlog wasn’t it, I was too far in the air for you to see much, but you got the gist, the place really was lovely, and I could of happily moved in there tomorrow. I am curious what they’ll be like when terrible weather though. As I barely heard the rain in there when it did on first night, but not sure if I like the idea of thunder/lightning and wind in winter in a lodge though. But some must, as they open right throughout the year!

Hopefully my camera skills on the EE action cam will have been much better, as I did a bit of daily vlogging on that too, when we went into the Spa pool and such so fingers crossed! Those vlogs will be up on Youtube as soon as I can edit everything, upload and continue with blogs and daily life. So make sure your subscribed, to be let known of those vlogs as they will not be uploaded on here as a blog post.


A year of owning my car and maintenance 3

As of yesterday I have owned my car for a year! Well, I say owned I still have 3 years left to pay on it. But once that’s paid its all mine to do as I please with. My car is a Peugeot 208 – 32plate which means it was […]



What’s in my Travel Makeup bag? – Bluestone Spa Edition

As you may or may not know, because I am practically bouncing around the place telling anyone that will listen about it. I am off on holiday with the girls! In fact I am probably waking up to go there right now as this goes live! (blogging girls – Holly, […]