How I blog, full time job, event plan and do coursework

Hey, if you dont know me well enough by now then you have a lot to learn! I’m bloody crazy, absolutely bonkers in all honesty. I’ve worked since I left college back in 2012. But joined this full time administration job in august 2013. For about 2 years I rolled […]



I got the opportunity to #GetFeD at FeD Cardiff*

An Email popped through my inbox to visit FeD Cardiff on a review basis, for their Super Summer Menu. I was super excited to visit, and to review a restaurant with my plus one. Robyn and I made our way to Cardiff, it was nearly a 2 hour long journey […]

My first girls holiday with Bluestone Wales

We (Neesha, Ffion, Holly, Lottie & I) got invited by Bluestone Wales, to come and spend 4 nights in their amazing resort! I am actually sat on their sofa right now, when writing this, and I still can not believe it! I have got so many amazing photos and stories […]



Welcome to my Lodge – Bluestone Wales – Cribz Style 1


I apologise in advance for the “dodgy” camera skills… my camera actually just broke down on the last night. So on leaving day I had to film this on my EE action cam, which doesn’t have a viewfinder. Therefore I had to wing it, as I really wanted to show you the place.

Yeah… Okay you can laugh… it really was a bit of a disastrous vlog wasn’t it, I was too far in the air for you to see much, but you got the gist, the place really was lovely, and I could of happily moved in there tomorrow. I am curious what they’ll be like when terrible weather though. As I barely heard the rain in there when it did on first night, but not sure if I like the idea of thunder/lightning and wind in winter in a lodge though. But some must, as they open right throughout the year!

Hopefully my camera skills on the EE action cam will have been much better, as I did a bit of daily vlogging on that too, when we went into the Spa pool and such so fingers crossed! Those vlogs will be up on Youtube as soon as I can edit everything, upload and continue with blogs and daily life. So make sure your subscribed, to be let known of those vlogs as they will not be uploaded on here as a blog post.


A year of owning my car and maintenance 3

As of yesterday I have owned my car for a year! Well, I say owned I still have 3 years left to pay on it. But once that’s paid its all mine to do as I please with. My car is a Peugeot 208 – 32plate which means it was […]



What’s in my Travel Makeup bag? – Bluestone Spa Edition

As you may or may not know, because I am practically bouncing around the place telling anyone that will listen about it. I am off on holiday with the girls! In fact I am probably waking up to go there right now as this goes live! (blogging girls – Holly, […]

Is creating an account with for you?

I recently did an outfit post chat, with the #welshbloggers chat on my co-hosted @welshbloggersrt twitter page. I asked the question of “do you know what is/have an account?” and it got a lot of replies of; heard of it, but don’t know what it is/ how to use. I […]


UK Spring Lookbook – Video- Youtube 2

You probably didn’t know that I have a Youtube Channel – That’s okay, because I have re-started and deleted everything off  of there so many times, that it has now become a joke between me and my blogging girl-friends. But back around my birthday time, I decided to give it […]

Walks with Suede – Personal Style Post

Walks with Suede – Personal Style Outfit Recently I have quite enjoyed going for walks and exploring, you never know what you might find – I once found a gorgeous mini rock cave waterfall that I could just imagine fairies playing in. Unfortunately my camera could not pick up the […]



TopShop Beyonces IVYPark range launch.

I got the opportunity to go to the IVY Park range launch, it was at 7:30am yikes early. Which meant I had to get up super early to dress, and drive for 45mins to get there. But I got to try on some of the range, hang out with the […]

Michael Kors opening in Cardiff

Michael Kors  I got an invitation to go visit Michael Kors Cardiff on their opening day in The hayes – I seen the white ribbon to be cut when we passed in the morning, to go for Bills breakfast and boy did it look pretty. I invited the girls along […]


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Ten reasons why Paris Hiltons lifestyle is inspiring

Ten reasons why Paris Hilton’s lifestyle is inspiring We live in a world where there’s an obsession with celebrities and their lifestyles. The media is dominated by stories of what famous people are doing, what they think about world issues and what they’re wearing. Many of the celebrities have lavish […]