Vegan & Vegetarian Stocking Fillers

You’ve got a friend, girlfriend or family member that is vegan or vegetarian and you aren’t sure what you can actually buy them? Or maybe you just didn’t realise that most makeup brands aren’t vegan/ cruelty-free friendly. In this post, I hope to help and perhaps educate you.  Of course […]



The Christmas Date

Things you can do with your new date, beau or partner around the Christmas festive period whether you celebrate Christmas or not. Robyn does not celebrate Christmas as such, he doesn’t stop me or anyone else enjoying themselves just doesn’t part-take as much. So I have a list of amazing […]

The Christmas Work Party Series – What not to wear!

You know that age old rule?: Legs or Boobs, not both out. Yeah, keep that one rule in mind for the work Christmas Party! Yeah, I know from my own experience that, that is very difficult to keep to and to stop yourself from flashing your pins and new push […]



Have Christmas with a view – at the Grape & Olive

Live near Swansea or coming down our way over the Christmas period? Then I can tell you honestly the Grape & Olive Swansea is somewhere you need to be, view the pretty lights, gorgeous welsh beaches and of course not forgetting totally mouth watering food and a glass of bubbly […]

The Christmas Work Party series – Dress Season (affordable) 1

Okay, so Christmas Parties is definitely when all the velvet, sparkly, tight, and over the top red dresses come out yes? I’ve been searching the internet (well basically just my favourite online shop ASOS) to find affordable dresses suitable for your work party or any really. I hope you have fun […]



Lush Christmas – A beauty lovers dream stocking filler presents* 2

In October just before Halloween, I could barely even think about Christmas as Halloween was excitedly 2 weeks away and my bank balance cried as it knew the costume, food, alcohol, travel and night out was going to be expensive! So off I went to Lush Swansea to their first […]

Christmas Line Up on Rose above the Thorns

Hello, so I think I can officially say Christmas can be thought about now and is scarily on its way fast! I went Christmas present shopping last Sunday so I think it’s time I put up my Christmas posts on Rose above the thorns, right?! Below is a list of […]



How to rock a turtleneck top 2

I’m not going to lie this outfit is sort of out of my comfort zone. But when I put it on I genuinely felt quite cool and comfortable in it. You see I am the type of person who will look at outfits in shops, think they look really cool […]

Why you should update your old blog posts 4

So I stopped blogging and mostly social media for a couple of months. A few blog posts were already scheduled and one I had to write up because I had already agreed to post it, so you may not have noticed via here, but on social media, I totally dropped […]



The 10 most photogenic clothes, you can wear

We’ve all been there. You’re all dressed up, looking pretty, feeling fabulous and just as you’re about to leave your house, you take that one snap of yourself, so you can secretly admire how amazing you are later. But all that goes away when you actually look at the picture. […]

My September must have handbag items – whats in my bag 1

Okay so everyone is well used to “what’s in my handbag” videos on Youtube right? I even have one here. I wanted to share with you what items I have been carrying around for the whole month of September no matter what bag I took out with me. My rose […]



Halloween Little Red Riding Hood Makeup Tutorial

It’s almost Halloween and I am so excited! I love Halloween, the decorations, the dress up, the ability to unleash your wild self in public and no one batt’s an eyelid really! I thought I’d share with you a little look I love for Halloween, Little Red Riding Hood. Very […]