RoseabovetheThorns-2018-achievement-list2017 has been a great year for me in my personal life, I moved to the city, rented a 2-bed house with Mr, adopted our first doggie and got a promotion in work. 2017 with blogging and social media brought me over 1K natural followers on both Twitter & Instagram (Totally smashing my 2017 end goals) earned over £500 in paid collaborations and received so much gorgeous gifted and reviewed items that I truly do feel like I’ve achieved something this year. 













I like setting goals/achievements at the start of the year. I call them achievements more than goals as they must be realistic because then I feel SO much better when I smash them half-way through the year. I wrote a post here mentioning how achieving your own goals can bring satisfaction and confidence.

I’ve seen a lot of 2018 goal posts go up around in the last week and that’s great! But I wanted to leave mine untill the start of the year so that I can read others, and mull over EXACTLY what I want from the year… So far I’m pretty stumped. I’m laying on our sofa, in our lovely (albeit rented, but that’s okay as we want to make sure “we” are happy before buying) home, food cooking in the oven, dog curled up tightly on Robyn’s lap as he plays one of his Xbox games. We have bills and furniture finance but it’s manageable and we are living comfortably. What more could I want?


I’m sorry if this may seem like bragging but, I’m FRICKIN IN LOVE WITH MY LIFE RIGHT NOW. And why shouldn’t I “toot my own horn”? Why shouldn’t we all? Gosh, if we can’t be proud of our own achievements then what’s the bloody point? Do you get me? Stand up for what you’re proud of in life and toot you’re own bloody horn for gosh sake! – Like, do it right now!!! Write in the comments below one thing you are proud, and happy for in your life that happened in 2017, whether that be you passed an exam, learnt how to cook basic dinner or even managed public transport by yourself without freaking out. 




If you are kind and considerate but also realise you ain’t going to please everyone in life, then I’m proud of you and can we be friends? Cause I have RESPECT for you! I learnt that lesson 2 years ago, and I have found people respect me so much more for being me, I make me happy and people respect that!!







So, enough of my you-go-get-em-girl tangent, let’s get back to my “goals” for 2018. 

1. I will strive to make ME happy, what makes me happy is doing well, achieving goals, keeping on top of finances and enjoying the little things with my little family. I must continue to work hard to actually achieve all these, if I don’t put at least 80% into this year I fear we may fall on our arse a little so I am determined to not let that happen!

2. Cruelty-free lifestyle/decisions. – This one is already proving hard, not because of willpower but because there are SO MANY SHIT brands/companies out there that aren’t CF. 🖕🏻I’ve been a vegetarian since I can remember but never thought or realised what went on behind the production of some of my favourite beauty brands – Bourjois, L’Oreal, Tresseme and Simple are just some of the brands whose products I use daily but recent researching on my side has shown me these don’t apply to CF. So, I’m not going to chuck all my products away that would be a) useless b) wasteful/damaging to the environment c) not going to affect the companies as I’ve already paid the money so they don’t give 2 shits if I throw away.


3. Aim to earn a certain amount per month via my blog – My blog is my hobby/sideline, therefore I can not dedicate the time for a consistent monthly amount  of earnings as some days I may come home too tired/ill from my 10hour working day, 5 days a week! – But with affiliate links, sponsored posts and AD’s I’m hoping to make even a small amount each month.

4. Read – In 2017 I did not finish 1 book – That’s ridiculous. I know why because of social media and the internet is a big procrastinator tool. Even though the majority of it was spent on Pinterest trying to build my followers etc, I love to read – Gosh I once read all 7 Harry Potter Books twice in one year! So, in 2018 I am determined to finish the Sally Hughes beauty book I am currently 20 pages in 😅 lol been 20 pages in for last 2 months.

5. This next one is a BIG one, and something I’m a little – OK a lot scared to admit out loud! – it’s something that’s been horrible to me for the last 6 months – Separation Anxiety – I have it bad, if I’m away from my little family I start to worry I’m missing out, worry they may get hurt, worry they may leave me – It’s utterly stupid and it actually stopped me from hanging out with my friends more this past year. So, I want to break that, it’s going to be hard I know – But I kicked social anxiety’s butt once and I am determined to break this one – I want a friggin girl-friend, not only a texting friend. 


So, those are my goals/ achievements for 2018. I hope you wish me luck and I wish you mountains of luck to achieve yours.

If you have a post on your 2018 goals/achievements leave the link below & I’ll read it asap (because I’m nosey)

Outfit Details; Jeans – ZARA Z1975 Basic Denim || Boots – Public Desire || Mesh bodysuit – Missguided || Cami – Primark || Faux fur coat – Primark || Horn neckacle – Ashiana ASOS || Ring necklace – my own ||Fishnet tights – Primark || Bakerboy cap – vintage || Rings – family heirlooms


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