So what do 5 girls on a girly holiday to West Wales get up to? Well, of course going to go see some cute animals was on the agenda! And it just so happened that Folly Farm Wales had invited us all along for a day of grown-up girly fun, and to review. We were so up for that! We got up fairly early and made the short journey (minus the extra 10 mins, as we didn’t bother looking at a map so just winged it, taking the wrong turning, but we shall ignore that)

As bloggers, we all took many photographs and awed lots at the cute animals. I vlogged the adventure day too, you can watch that here. I went a bit bat crazy over the Giraffe’s, Neesha for the penguins, Holly and Lottie for the Ocelot. I must admit the Ocelot is one kitty I would happily add to my crazy lady collection of cats back at home.


Folly Farm is not just a farm anymore its a Zoo! I mean, what farm do you go to, that you get to see a rhino happily eating daisies at?



We must have spent over an hour, visiting all of the animals, taking photographs oh and my favourite… the Meerkats I kinda forced the girls to stop and watch them for ten minutes. They just really fascinate me.


We got really hungry and on our walks around noticed a few nice restaurants/cafes inside so headed straight for the one everyone seemed to be at. We managed to grab a table away from excited kids and went up and ordered our food. I had a Jacket Potato with Four cheese and Salad. It was a little expensive but the girls food where they had meat was rather more reasonable priced and filled their plates. There was lots of picnic benches and grass areas though if you want to bring a picnic or take food outside!


A little full, we thought it’d be a brilliant idea to go on all the indoor fairground rides. Yep! I got very dizzy, even just after 2 rides. So I chickened out of the one that was even faster, and spun everyone around like a washing machine. The rides are really quite vintage themed with a carousel that even had my name on one of the horses. (Obviously, I and Lottie took a photo of us on it, I didn’t like my photo though I look like a long legged idiot.haha) They had old win prize shoot and ball games, and my favourite game that I have always wanted to play on, but till now have not – Hook a Duck!




Oh, and they have a huge Ferris wheel outside where you can overlook the entirety of Folly Farm. Not a good idea if afraid of heights, as most of us were a bit weary. But amazing to see across the park and many fields. After that, we grabbed an ice cream to cool down, as it really started to heat up by 3pm and walked across to see some piggies for Neesha’s sake.





So Folly Farm is somewhere I would definitely recommend, not just for the family but for friends, couples and anyone who loves animals and rides.

Would like to Thank Folly Farm for the opportunity to have a fun day with the girls.



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  1. Zulu, who lives at Folly Farm zoo in Saundersfoot and Tenby, Pembrokeshire, is taller than any other animal in captivity and towers over the three other male giraffes he shares his enclosure with at the zoo.

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