Yes, I am moving again… This time it will be in a new house that Robyn and I chose together, totally unfurnished and all very exciting! For this unexpected move, I needed to make some extra cash and fast. I decided I am going to share with you the 5 things I am currently doing to earn that extra cash, because you may be wanting to move, holiday, learn to drive or anything and these are fun and some not too time-consuming ways to make fast cash!

The first thing Robyn and I looked into doing were online casino games in websites such as Mansion Casino. A friend of mine was really into it with some great turn around profit. So, we did a little research, and plucked up the courage and gambled a little bit. I got to pretend I was like Katy Perry in her song Waking Up In Vegas, whilst actually sat in my pyjamas, sharing a sofa with my Mr. Gambling can be risky, but it’s fun and can turn some great profit if you are brave enough and know the rules.

Blogging, of course, as you will know and maybe a blogger yourself, bloggers earn anything from under one hundred pounds to in the thousands a month, depending on their DA and reliability. If you have a blog, I seriously urge you to use affiliate links, monetize and connect with brands, it will start off slow but trust me the experiences sometimes are well worth it!
I’d have never gone to London 3 times already, met amazing professional makeup artists, had fun in an escape room and met my 4 amazing blogger girlfriends.

Selling stuff on Gumtree, Robyn sold a couple of electronics he wasn’t using anymore, I have also bought plenty of second-hand furniture from gumtree to upcycle and that in itself can make you some money if you buy cheap, upcycle and sell on! The Annie Sloan paint is on the more expensive end, but definitely worth it as a little goes a long way with this, and you don’t need to paint perfect either as it is the vintage shabby chic design after all!

Online surveys, these are probably the most tedious option, they aren’t time-consuming as such, as you can easily fill one out in the time it takes ITV ads to finish, but the emails and phone calls can become tiresome, so make sure you create a separate email account for all of those emails! – I use the website 20 Cogs that when you earn £100, you can withdraw the money, it isn’t hard either to make £100, some of the surveys offer £10-£25 for only 5 mins! (The 20Cogs link is a friend referral link if you want to help support a gal)

Sell your services online – Now I know that sounds totally dodgy! It really isn’t, what I mean is, if you are good at writing then go online and search proof-read jobs for articles, online stories etc. Are you a graphic designer or artist? Then freelance on some book covers etc. Musically talented? Create some YouTube background tracks for Youtubers, it’s very hard for UK YouTubers to find catchy copyright free music to use, you could sell a 3-5min piece easily if it was good enough!
I hope you achieve whatever goal you have set your mind on & good luck!




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