Are you a budget shopper like me, perhaps a jean hoarder like me also? Then I have 50 jeans under £50 for you right here so you can treat yourself to another 1 or 2!

Yep, you heard me right, 50 jeans under £50! I personally don’t think I have ever paid over £39 for a pair of jeans, I’ve never owned any Topshop Joni, Lucy or whatever jeans, just because I’ve heard a mixed bag of reviews ranging from the best thing since sliced bread to Primark jeans washes better…. Well, for £13 maximum at Primark I’ll buy 3 pairs of them and still have money left over for a top please 😂 My favourite brand for jeans by far are New Look, most the styles fit me perfectly, they wash really well and the prices are totally affordable. I’ve not tried every brand out there, so I can’t comment on them all but this is my jeans list so far: New Look, Primark, Next, Zara, Gap and blue inc. The Gap ones I paid £19 for in a McArthur Glen Outlet store so really, they are all budget jeans. I just own too many and alternate daily to fork out £50+ for one pair because I’d want to get my use out of them, even though jeans are my absolute go to, I may wear 3/5 different ones each week! 




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I have actually been thinking the last couple of weeks that some of my most worn jeans are starting to look a little baggy and ill-fitting around the knees, so perhaps if I get another sale this month I may treat myself to a couple listed above. Have any caught your eye and popped into your basket?


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