We hear these stories time and time again from our girlfriends, family members or even on social media where girls have gone for a bra fitting/measure and found out they’ve been wearing the wrong size bra for years. I thought that wouldn’t be me, I know I’m a tiny size A cup, in fact, I’ve been measured before as a 34B the fact was the fitter nearly pulled the entire of the lingerie store into the cubical for me and none of them fitted kind of proved to me that I knew I was a 34A. 

So, I stuck to my tiny cup bras until it all changed at the Boux Avenue blogger event. Boux Avenue was a lingerie brand I admired from afar, I knew I had tiny boobs and most lingerie stores like that didn’t cater for my boob size plus they were more expensive than my sale sets that I wouldn’t mind as much if I was to get the size wrong.. Oh, how wrong was I? 
















Buy the blue lace set here





The lovely fitter Nancy measured me (no, I didn’t have to take my old bra off like other stores) she asked me to breathe in and out, told me I was a 30, (you sure, I think I may be unable to breathe in that?!) and just by looking at me she told me I was a C cup, possibly D if I was to have a full padded bra. I was honestly so shocked and ecstatic! Nancy brought in two bras for me to try on and she explained that it may feel very tight in comparison to my other bra (it didn’t right then cause I had strapped my other bra so tightly to myself I had red marks possibly sticking around for days) but she assured me that over time it will loosen and feel much better and last longer than my other “larger width bras”. She showed me how my boobs actually fitted in this bra with no gaping or boob fat sticking underneath my armpit. HOORAH!

I walked around the beautiful store, calculating in my head if I really needed any more pyjamas, cause their sets are so cute! (I am definitley treating myself to a set or two for Winter) I instantly fell for this satin blue set, obviously, it had lace because my obsession with lace is undying and when trying it on I felt great, my boobs looked like boobs! Not pancakes and this was without the 50ft of padding I have in other bras which would create this effect but would definitly come accompanied with a gaping gap where I’d be worried all night if I was flashing a nip. 


Boux Avenue gifted me the blue bra with the matching thong to make a set. Thank you. But I also chose to buy a loungewear set in nude, it fits amazingly and even left me with some cleavage considering it was a comfy lounge set with zero underwiring, no padding just pure comfort holding me in place. This has quickly become my go to work bra as I can easily be comfy in it all day. 


Update: over the last week I have felt the bras are slightly tighter than initially on the first day but there is no underwiring digging into my breast tissue or rib cage like my previous bras do so I think after a couple more washes they may sit perfectly. 

I now have a membership card with Boux Avenue and I can promise you that some money will be spent in their asap to replace all my pancake squishing bras! 






Have you ever had a bra fitting with Boux Avenue? I’d seriously recommend it just for a confidence lift more than anything. I no longer look at my boobs upset at how small they are cause I am HELLA happy with a C cup! 

I would also like to thank Buxom for their kind goodie bag gifts, Crabtree & Evelyn for their hand treatment and Boux Avenue for all the goodies they spoilt us with, in our goodie bags. I’ll be trying them all out over the next few weeks, so make sure you’re following me to see reviews on Buxom Powerlump lip balm & other products.

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