Somehow it’s half-way through May already?! Please explain that one too me, cause honestly I’m still catching myself writing April on things in work… But anyway during April, I tried out many products, some because they got gifted to me and some because with my cruelty-free decision I needed to try out a bunch of new products. So, here are my April 2018 beauty favourites.

I’ve always stuck to Tresemme in the last few years but seen as they haven’t changed their ethics in animal testing. I went in search of new hair washing products in Boots.  There were a few options but they were included in an offer on 3-4-2 products, so I purchased the smooth range (heads up, not all of the Umberto Giannini range is CF) 

Foundation is a tricky one for pale skinned girls like me, I’ve bought the BodyShop foundation previously and I resembled something of a carrot (I am talking like 4 years ago mind, so I’m sure their colour matches have improved drastically now) But I was scared to pay £15 on this one or this one just in case. So, I opted for an extremely cheap alternative here and it’s fab, literally zero complaints from me, the brand promises they are cruelty-free and it’s a loose powder that I can build depending how much coverage I actually want. 

Mascara is one I’m still testing out to find the right one, but this one is doing great so far. 

Watch my YouTube video below to see more cruelty-free products that I was loving throughout April (still currently loving in May) and more detailed thoughts of the items mentioned above. 

Also, I’m on the search for cruelty-free fake tan/ gradual tan moisturisers, so if you know of any, let me know in the comments or tweet me your affiliate link 😘





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