It’s been a heck of a long time since I bought anything off ASOS never mind a haul. I’ve been fancying a couple of new tops & slogan tees for the summer evenings for a while, so I finally took into spending ooo well over an hour on ASOS searching for some pieces. I didn’t just buy tops though, a dress and a stack of necklaces hopped into my basket too! 

For anyone that would rather watch my ASOS haul in a video, or see my actual first impressions then I have one at the bottom of this post. 

I thought I’d start off with this top as I was most excited about it but it left me a little disappointed. This totally girlie Femme Power tee is definitely the softest tee material I have felt. It makes me question all my Primark tees because wandering around in this all day would make me feel like I was in a luxury pyjama set! But the downside is this weird split collar. Now, I like the ripped trend but it literally has two collars! One silly one that stays in the middle of my neck and feels a bit restricting. For £14 I sent it back as I knew I would be uncomfortable in it.



Next, this top I ummed and ahhed about a fair bit, I loved the idea of this top but in a tiny size 4 I still felt like it was ill fitting me, it would have been nice if it were a bit more structured. Although, from the back in the photo above it really does look nice against my freckled tan!



Another, Femme top, I bought two thinking I would like at least like one because I really wanted a #GoGirlPower tee, this one was a definite no, no from the moment I took it out the packing it just felt like cheap t-shirt material. Even though I like the colour and font, the material just let it down so much! 


I wasn’t sure if I was going to like this dress because it looked lovely on the model, but it was in the sale so I wondered if it was too good to be true for only £12.50. Unfortunately, it was, I bought the very smallest size in 6 and well look at it, (see the video for a lot more detail of how it looks like a tent) The part which is shirred so supposed to fit to the body, was so stretchy and had far too much extra material for a size 6! It hung on me with space to shove my cat down the front if I wanted to. Otherwise, I think the skirt part of it would have been very pretty!


Now, I friggin love this print/pattern but what is going on with that coat hanger loop?! The other side is the same, someone could literally grab hold of me and hang me up via them. Why are they longer than the sleeve? It does come with an under petty top so you won’t be flashing anyone in the wind, but it is far too short even with high waisted jeans, the only place I would wear this would be abroad in baking heat and there’ll be no more holidays for me untill next year, so sorry my favourite print! 😔


I also bought a very pretty stackable necklace set that I think is a great dupe of the £159 Missoma horn necklace. You can find that post HERE.

ASOS White Off Shoulder Top
  ASOS White Shirred Sundress with Eyelet Detail
 Pull & Bear Femme Power T-Shirt
  Boohoo Femme T-Shirt
 Bershka Stripe Off The Shoulder Top


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