Now, everyone keeps saying autumn is officially here, well “officially” it’s not, the official date for the northern hemisphere is 22nd of September, and when I googled just to double make sure that I wasn’t going to look like an idiot I found out that Winter doesn’t officially start until 21st of December! I DID NOT KNOW THAT! 

Is there anyone that doesn’t love cosy nights in, fairy lights, candles lit, films, hot chocolates, food and of course comfy clothes! – Well, I love it and just because I’m inside and can really just laze about in my pyjamas on my days off it doesn’t mean I don’t get excited about new comfy loungewear and excitedly log online to shop! I’m not for winter highstreet shopping at all, the need for a massive coat outside, go in a shop and either bake to sweating point or take it off and have a heavy lump on your arm as you try and browse, or the dreaded wet umbrella trailing across your jeans when down. Nope, no thank you… I’ll stay in and shop online instead. 


This particular outfit only the hoodie is new, and it’s not a thick hoodie that I am going to bake in if I do happen to turn the heating on. As a first time shopper on ROMWE, a site I have heard so much about on the likes of Youtube, I couldn’t wait to excitedly start searching through the many budget fashion pages. It didn’t take me long to find this hoodie amongst the blogger selection I could choose from. The muted grey and cream colours appealed to my monochrome style and I quite like wearing my cropped hoodies with jeans so I opted for this one. Now I’m excited for Autumn to lounge around in this, and finally read those two new books I bought a bit back. (Alexa Cheung IT & Pretty Honest Sally Hughes) 



p.s. The jumper I got in a small, it fits me, but the arms are a bit short so perhaps size up if you want the perfect fit!

Hoodie – ROMWE*, Jeans – Similar, Earrings – Similar, Necklace – ASOS, Bracelet – Jewellery Box

* Disclaimer – As mentioned, I received the jumper as a gift from ROMWE on a gifting basis, other links may be Affiliate*




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