Make Sunday's the start of the week!

Make Sunday's the start of the week!

I have a problem with the calendar… Okay, that’s a bit OTT… I have zero problems with the calendar, in fact, I loved it when I could find an actual calendar that started on a Monday, unlike other typical calendars that start on Sundays. As it’s much easier to get my head around Monday at the start of the week because that’s what’s drummed into us from a young age….

Monday is the day you go back to school, Monday is the day you have to wake up with an alarm, Monday is the start of the working week for most and generally, Monday is looked down on. So, when I was recently looking for a new calendar online that actually started on Monday not Sunday I stopped and thought why?!
Why does Monday have to be the start of the week? The day I dread because I wake at 5:30 and go to work for 5 days. Then Sunday becomes the lazy day that I can’t do bugger all on cause it’s the last day? In fact, I often find this allows me to procrastinate far too much! I often chill on Saturday because it’s been a hard week or I go shopping etc. Then I punish myself on Sunday when I’m shattered and no energy to do blog “work”.

Make Sunday's the start of the week!

That automatically makes the week seem shorter right? Let’s chill on Saturdays, go shopping, eat too much, read books, blogs and spend time with our friends and family. Then on Sunday, let’s get up and kick butt, get up early-ish make it an in-between alarm between when your work alarm and your usual lie-in time is. Go gym if that’s your thing, cook a proper brekkie if that’s your thing, walk the dog, do a skincare routine and get life-admin done, write some blog posts and get photographs taken in the early daylight! I’m going to aim to have all this done by 2 pm on Sunday (I’ll wake around 7:30/8) and then I have the rest of the Sunday to spend cooking an enormous amount of cooked dinner and wallowing on the sofa with a film because I have a massive food baby 😂


Hat: Vintage || Jumper: Newlook || Cream Cardigan: H&M || Jeans: GAP || Gucci Dupe Trainers: LOTD

Make Sunday's the start of the week!

Sound good? Yeah, it does to me too, I’m hoping with this plan I’ll feel more motivated for Monday’s and they’ll seem less like a drag.

Let me know if you are in! 

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