“I am a Benefit virgin” – Well I was till NOW!

I went to the Benefit, at Boots Llantrisant Event for the night before their Launch of They’re Real Beyond Double the Lip and Duo Shadows. I was hooked. They showed us two looks, and allowed me to play with the makeup! Old and new lines.


The lovely girls Hannah and Kristie showed us a day look and a night look. Now I really loved the night look on Kristie, but I’ll admit when Hannah put the Shadow Sexy Smokin on Kristie, I thought wow that looks intense, but when the look was being put more together, i.e eyeliner and mascara, I was completely won over. It looked incredible and do you know what?! So simple, there’d be no need for a hand full of brushes wondering which one you used for which colour and worry of over using the dark shade for a smokey eye look – This does it all for you! Three swipes across with the little shadow blender and its vala!


Even though I loved the look, I opted for the Beyond duo shadow in Bombshell Brown that they used for the natural day look because those were my typical “me” colours. I loved the idea that it would be all in one simple tiny palette that I could carry around in my bag! (because I have now broken 2 of my bigger eyeshadow palettes by carrying back and forth to girls houses to get dressed at and now I open them cautiously knowing that I will have lots of colours falling out onto me) having not owned anything from Benefit before, the price was a little steep, but I knew that was the average price of their products at £19.50. Having owned entire palettes cheaper than this little one, the beauty of the packaging and ease of it won me over! Hello, Instagram flatlays…


(It kinda looks like she’s not wearing any eyeshadow in the pic right? But she is and it’s a gorgeous shimmer when closer)

As I mentioned, you can get a duo lipstick too, duo because it has lip liner in with the lipstick, I was more than dubious on this one, lip liner is made to go around the lip to add definition, stop lipstick bleeding and it can also be worn entirely underneath the lipstick to stop that horrid dark line when your lipstick wears off! But this comes with it literally stuck to it! How the F does that work? It does and also when I picked up the one I got to play with the liner colour was so different to lipstick. The duo is in a tear drop shape and rather than trying to keep it at an odd uncomfortable angle you can use it like any lipstick and it blends seamlessly in!


Both of these products boasts longwear up to 12-hour stay and crease resistant!

I have always been tempted to get one of their blushers, I have seen SO many girls use them, on the train etc, but seen as I had never tried any of their products and got a little bit intimidated when approached the stall’s I never bought. But I asked if I could try out the blusher they thought would suit me best, and I came home with Hervana!



Also we got gifted a super cute Benefit sample set full of goodies! I couldn’t believe it. For someone who has never owned anything Benefit or even tried, I now own a brand new eyeshadow, blusher and a big sample set of almost all their face products, tan and a brow sample. Eek!


Will you be purchasing any of their new duo collection?


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