The blogger stationery you need to build your blog!

The blogger stationery you need to build your blog!

Whether you are a full-time blogger, or an extremely busy and clever part-time blogger juggling everything else in life, you are going to need stationery. – Love it or hate it, if you really want to make a good go at this blogging malarkey, you’re going to need more than your hard drive and a bullet journal!

First of all, as a blogger, you probably have more than a bookcase full of notebooks right? If not, are you even a blogger? JOKE! Marble, cheese plant print, rose gold, you name it us bloggers have got it stuffed somewhere!  I’d recommend digging out a couple of those notebooks and making use of those untouched pages.

  1. For blog post ideas – I write title ideas and maybe go into more detail about what I want and need to do for the post. Photographs, exact photo angles, props req. research etc.
  2. Undoubtedly you are probably struggling to grow your Instagram in par with blogging right? So, I crazily have a notebook filled with photo ideas that have popped into my head, I may quickly sketch out the exact angle/ look or just be very descriptive in my writing. This is great when there is a free hour to bulk take photos but I have a creative block, I just use this book as it tells me all my own great ideas without copying anyone else’s work!

The blogger stationery you need to build your blog

Next get a slot filer, I use one for my daily life admin – Car docs, NHS docs, bills etc. Soon though I will get one for blog admin with a slot I think for: Invoices out to Clients, receipts for expenses, agreed contracts and miscellaneous.

A to-do list for me is essential, as yes I do have notes on my phone, and yes it makes sense to put them on there as I rarely don’t have my phone on me but I know I love crossing off an actual list. So this one from busy-b is great, as it’s small enough to fit in most of my everyday handbags and it opens up like a book so it protects the pages, unlike normal to-do lists that can get scuffed. I fill this with daily to-do’s from – Proof-read post & schedule, to schedule tweets, pre-make lunch, or an outfit idea I’ve put together in my head for an upcoming event!

The blogger stationery you need to build your blog

I seem to collect pens for free, going to blogger events seems to help with this as people love to throw in a free logo pen! Make sure you always have a pen on hand.

Of course, if you are a Youtuber I highly recommend getting 2 backups! I know expensive right? But, in time it’ll pay off, I’ve had my backup fail on me many times and I almost cry – But then I have my backup of my backup. If you have a MacBook there’s a nifty auto backup scheduler that happens when you plug the named backup in. I recommend doing this!

As for anything else, a gold stapler and hole punch are pretty, but in the end, as long as you have somewhere to jot your ideas down and keep all your invoices and receipts safe for the tax man I believe you will go far because you have the lame bit of your -shit worked out! 

I have a couple of posts you may find of help including; How to create a blogger desk aesthetic with Litecraft* & How to blog better & still have a social life

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This post was not sponsored but the to-do list, stickers & pencil were gifted 🙂


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