“Who here feels personally victimised by Regina George” – Do you compare yourself often to your peers, followers or influencers and feel like pants, or does it spur you on to better yourself? Whatever the answer if you want support on your blog posts/ Instagram/ Youtube or whatever creative influence platform you use then answer me this one question; When was the last time you supported a blogger/influencer for no selfish reason other than to support their achievements? – Yeah, I thought so, so this post is 100% for you!

Three reasons we aren’t gaining support are;

  1. There is this fear going around that everyone is buying or wasting time doing that follow/no follow game, therefore, it means EVERYONE is too scared to press follow back, just in case 2 days later they mysteriously unfollow you. (UNCOOL!).
  2. We all want to grow, we all want to succeed and look like a fab blogger so suddenly that’s turned into not supporting, or engaging with others for fear they may become more popular than you!
  3. It’s possible we’re all just too busy and self involved in our own little creative world that we forget or don’t see everyone else’s achievements?










First off you have to accept that there are some “influencers” out there that love nothing more than to create drama, be relevant, tweet the dumbest, but most relatable thing 24/7 just so that their notifications are never quiet. Accept that yes they probably will recieve thousands of followers and opportunities, but that doesn’t reflect on you! Also, that the hideously annoying game of Instagram follow/no follow is something we’re just going to have to live with because as hideous as it seems, it appears to work for some! Annoying as that is, the game has literally had me take screenshot’s of the “bigger influencers” who I am surprised have followed me, to check back a couple days later to see they’ve gone 👋 and yes they have thousands of followers already. (genuine or not who knows?!)


So how do we stop this, how do we start trusting and being friends again? Honestly, I haven’t got a Fecking clue. But I think it can start with getting over ourselves, so what if you RT and support “Jennifer” and her notifications & followers blow up?! Doesn’t mean she won’t remember you and give you a shout out at some other time, OR that all the opportunities will go to her. Cause feck there’s billions of brands/companies in the world and they can’t ALL work with one blogger or even 5 cause there’s not enough time in the world so you’ll have opportunities too that will fit your brand more than Jennifer’s. Be Patient!

Secondly, cut the bullsh*t, do you find yourself following people on social media who’s tweets you can’t stand and literally cringe at but daren’t unfollow them for the bitchiness OR just because you want to be in the know of what’s the latest drama on Twitter. – Yeah me too, it’s time to cut those drama llamas out or at least stay clear and take their nonsense with a pinch of salt. There are different opinions in the world for a reason, we’d never grow and become more than what we are now if we all had the same opinions and creative ideas, we’d be stuck like a bloody Nokia Snake game, constantly eating our own fecking tails!

In June/July I pledge to myself and to you, that I will not only support any guy or girls work, opinion, or just because they deserve it BUT I will stop giving a sh*t about the numbers – I’m actually almost there and I find, cliché as it is, the times I’ve stopped stressing that I’ve lost 20 fake follower accounts on my Instagram and that my Twitter hasn’t hit 1.5K yet, that I’ve somehow gained an extra 40 followers.

Remember social media is made for you to be SOCIAL, you can sit in the comfort of your own home wearing 2-day old pyjamas with Netflix on in the background so that you can tell everyone about your newest achievement, thoughts and reply/support Susan and Jennifer’s posts. Achieving the latter not only makes others feel good and thankful to you for sharing their content but you feel good for doing it and hey, you’ll create a reason for you to be remembered on social media by many more people. Susan is more likely to remember you because 2 weeks ago you wrote a lovely comment on one of her Instagram posts and recommended her in your Insta-stories, than because you were a 2-second photo/post glance on her timeline. Thee are the people that keep coming back to your content! They’re the ones who wille eventually return the congratulations on celebratory tweets you’ve written, recommend your blog post if they see someone looking for that topic etc. Be memorable not another sheep! 🐑


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