This year I am determined to break out of my fashion comfort zone rut. Whilst I go along this journey I'm sharing tips with you on how you can break it too!

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I love fashion, there’s no denying it, I always have. Even when my mum used to pair me in car boot sale clothing I’d find a way to match them well and we’d even DIY some of them. But with anxiety and the typical bullying in school, my confidence was almost but shattered. I’d laugh at “silly” fashion runway trends, not because they were silly, but because I was jealous. I couldn’t see myself wearing those stunning metallic boots so I poked fun at them. So, this post is a little update on how I am breaking out of  my comfort zone and building confidence in fashion. Also, I share my tips on how you can too! 

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Fast forward to me at the age of 23, kicking anxieties butt and pretty much with a much better life than I could’ve dreamt for myself and I’m braving metallic boots! Not literally, unfortunately, as I haven’t found THE perfect light pink pair yet (Yes, they exist only in my head so far) but me wearing “Adidas” stripe slim leg trousers would have been a big No, No. Until I braved it and got a pair from Tobi, they are the perfect pairing between smart and casual. Meaning I don’t feel like I’ve just rocked up to a night out in my work trousers, but saying that I can also wear them to work with a crisp white shirt and nude heels. Obviously pairing with OTT tassel earrings was a must because well, it adds a bit of my personality in.

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Tip No 1: Care Less – How many times a day do you actually take in someone’s outfit? Unless you really like their style and commit it to memory to restyle yourself, do you remember if you could see someone’s pink socks with sandals or leopard print coat paired with fabulous sparkles at the end of the day? – Nope, you probably don’t. So, if you feel great in something you’ve paired together wear it for an hour and don’t be conscious of the stares it may receive because those stares might be because they bloody love it and secretly committing it to memory themselves.

Tip No 2: Do some research, inspiration, pin boards etc.

If I buy or want to buy a particular piece but not sure how to style it or tone it down, I quickly do a blogger search and see how they style the piece “style leopard print” I may also create a secret pinboard so that I can find multiple outfit ideas for that one piece.




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Tip No 3: Budget buy

If you aren’t sure on how much you will wear the item or brave enough to. Shop around for cheaper. I’ve actually bought many things especially this MISSOMA Horn Necklace dupe for literally a fraction of the price to the real one and I’ve literally got my wear out of it so much I’ve decided to buy the real thing next month!

Tip No 4: Price per wear

It’s an odd thing I do but I often think of things this way (being brought up knowing that money doesn’t grow on trees did this to me) I divide how many times I have or will wear it for the price. So, let’s take these earrings for example. They cost me £6, I’ve roughly worn them about 8 times now so that’s 75p per wear already and it’s only been a couple of months. – Bargain!








Tip No 5: Embrace your personality

Is your personality bright and bubbly but you only feel safe in all black? – Pick your favourite colour and slowly introduce it to your outfits. My favourite is black clothing too – lol – but I often pair red, pink and burgundy with my outfits to just give subtle hints of colour. 

Have you got/had a goal to wear something “scary” to you this year? Mine is to wear more than just jeans – I am slowly introducing other types of trousers into my wardrobe such as these ones. So well done me!




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