I Bought Furniture off Amazon

I Bought Furniture off Amazon

Ever wondered why people buy furniture online or if its safe/sensible? I’ve always wondered that too! But then I took the plunge and bought 3 items of furniture from Amazon! 

I bought furniture on Amazon - shelvingAs you may know, we’ve been updating some of the pieces in our home and just making it more to our taste rather than second-hand furniture. BUT I’m rather impatient, when I get an idea in my head it’s one of two situations, I either have to get it all done OR I doubt myself and after a week or two the idea drifts from my mind and I don’t do it for ages… So, when we were searching and hunting out every furniture store and online store for shelves, drawers, and chairs I eventually thought, FECK THIS! and clicked on Amazon, don’t get me wrong it still took me hours, maybe even a day or two of deciding. But pretty soon I irritated myself enough to go online on Amazon on my lunch break. Where I hastily ordered 2 black shelving units for the bargain price of £19.99 each. They are perfect for us to store our DVD’s, books and console games. They don’t fit much else wider on them though, we wanted a set that would fit to the width of the column we have in our sitting room, with the units only 17cm wide it meant I couldn’t decorate as much on the top as I would have liked, but the upside to that is it’s forcing me to keep to a minimalist theme. I’d highly recommend these if you too just want a cheap shelving unit or perhaps for storage in a child’s bedroom.

I bought furniture on Amazon- Chest of drawers

The other piece of furniture I bought was a white chest of drawers, I wasn’t sure if I wanted a tall shelving unit or a chest of drawers to fill the empty, dumping ground spot we had in the bedroom. Many of the chest of drawers we were looking at were wider than the space we had to fit them between the old chimney breast and the wall so this one won basically because it was white and it fitted. It was a risk at £39.99 as we weren’t sure if they were going to be sturdy, fall apart etc but reading reviews I figured you paid for what you got. Saying that though, they are good for just storing the items we don’t want access to daily. What we didn’t realise is that it has a shiny effect on the wooden write wrap. But it’s OK, it actually makes it easier to wipe off any stains.  I would prefer if they were a single handled drawer unit or double but spaced out so that I could swap up the handles to a gold/brass effect to match our bedroom, as these are rather cheap silver metal ones, but that’s just my own personal choice that I may get around to changing one day!


 Buy the Shelving unit here for £19.99 –


                                       Buy the chest of drawers here for £39.99




My advice for buying online, I personally don’t think I would buy an expensive or investment piece online, unless I’d seen it in real life first or read/seen lots of reviews of it. Also, remember if a piece is broken/missing etc you can contact the seller and request replacement/refund.

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