Music at Christmas is a stereotype-less music form & my taste in music

At Christmas who hasn’t got music festively playing in the background whilst you put up the tree, wrap presents, get cooking or even whilst you clean! It’s the time of the year where it doesn’t matter what genre of music you like, Christmas is a stereotype-free music form and we all have a favourite tune.

This got me thinking, how many of you stereotype me as a typical genre of music? Do you think I’m an Ariana Grande girl, dance, RnB or rock? I’d like to say I’m none of the above but if I was to be defined I’d probably say I’m more on the Pop Rock side. 

Here’s a list of my favourite bands/singers and some of my guilty-pleasure songs. 

Halestorm – This band basically brought myself and Robyn together, our shared love for Lzzy Hale and the band and the fact we went to the exact same concert without knowing till 9 months later is still a shared love of ours.

Fall Out Boy – The classic songs you can’t beat and I’m slowly warming up to their most recent album as I heard them playing a few of them live in their recent Cardiff gig back in May.

Ariana Grande – I mean she is the epitome of girl-power. Robyn can’t stand her songs and that’s okay, I pop in my headphones and listen to her when out and about, or when I’m getting ready for a night out and need a little bit of a confidence boost. 

Daughtry – I didn’t see him on AGT, but as soon as his album Break The Spell came out I was hooked, I most likely found him whilst searching for songs on Youtube back in my teenage years and it’s a love for his music that has never faded. There are a purity and reality to his songs that I connect with, some are religious and even though I’m not strictly religious of any form I find them beautiful.

Against the Current – A small American band that I was HELLA surprised when I found out they were touring with FOB back in May, I pretty much cried YES! When I saw it as we’d already booked the tickets well in advance but I only found out this news a few days before and was over the moon. As you can tell, I love a kick-ass female leader!

Lady Antebellum –  I Need You Now, is such a beautiful song, one of my friends I believe will be playing this as their first dance. It’s on the side of country music, but think country music meets pop rock. I love them and a fair few of their albums. 

Paramore – This band has stuck with me for years! I mean come on, Hayley Williams is one heck of a fierce, fun girl. Her bright hair colours, unapologetic style and her singing capabilities, yes, that iconic Twilight song still gets me to this day! If a Paramore song comes on, on the radio or in the club I will 1000% be singing along at the top of my voice (sorry anyone who can actually hear me!)

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Headphones found on Latest Deals and I buy a lot of my vinyl’s from HMV & urban music stores. 


Guilty Pleasures;

Shania Twain, Cher & a good Disney soundtrack. As you can probably guess the first two ladies date back from my childhood, my mum often had these playing in the background and as I grew up I eventually started “borrowing” her cd’s and played them in my room. I also won’t ever forget how we went out for Karaoke with 12 of our friends and my sister chose Cher, Believe and someone complained: “aww, what the f***, who chose this” and literally a moment later everyone started singing the song, I mean you literally couldn’t have made it up! It was amazing! 

What’s one of your guilty pleasures song-wise?




















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