Christmas with Tiger


This Is going to be in 2 posts, so there’ll be another next week, and of course look out for tweets and instagrams of the cute things I got decorated around my house.
This one is going to be a general over view and sneak peak of what’s hiding in this bag, or not so hiding like this cutie on my twitter the day I went shopping….

Next will be a stocking fillers for my mum/ sister
So let’s talk about shopping in Tiger, I met the store manager (zara) who was so warm and welcoming to ask if I could take some photos of the store, I  picked up my basket and had fun. I think I was overall in there for 45 mins looking at all the pretties and fell for the Christmas section as I walked through the door (and I don’t mean literally I’m clumsy but not that clumsy!
I think overall it came to roughly £48 which for how much I got is good.


The gifts above are obviously gifts to myself! Happy Early Christmas Charlotte! love from yourself… haha


Look at this…. I was so indecisive on getting a selfie stick and typical me I get one when they start to go out of fashion. Haha but these may help with my Instagram, and personal style photos! If they all come out like this preview I’ll be happy!


I can’t wait to see my mum’s face on some of these surprise gifts for her.


Yes Tiger treated me to a little Blogger shopping spree in their Cardiff store, it took me nearly an hour to look at all the pretties and finally choose what would be perfect.

I shall most definitely be going back soon for more washi tape and creative bits and bobs.



Have you ever shopped in Tiger? Whats your favourite section?




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