It’s been awhile since I did a haul  but this month I spent a wee little bit more than perhaps I should have (esp as I bought a new car last month). but here I’m going to start off with a very small price tag one for a whole heap of great stuff!

I’ve previously had a Cosmetics Fairy Order before and found it so simple and lovely. I like to order from U.K based companies as it feels more homely and slightly more reliable in my mind. The first Time I ordered from them they were  only just starting to grow, everything came efficiently and was wrapped so carefully (even if it was tissue roll. Ha!) but this time it all came almost in separate jiffy bags (little yellow bubble wrapped bags) so it looked a bit more professional and of course came with the complimentary business card in one! But more importantly I was after the goodies inside so lets delve on in.

Right so I’m putting my hand into the bag (I not so neatly stuffed everything in one to take up less space in my blog draw) and I pull out not One but Three Bourjois Kohl Mascara. If you are a reader of mine and haven’t just fallen upon this post you will know I love this mascara to pieces (not pieces I would cry, I almost did when one wing of the wand fell off) I normally pay £7.99 for this and I find it a good price to pay for a Mascara that lasts around 3-4 months and keeps my eyelashes black and spider leggy. But guess what? I paid £1.99 each yes really! there is some brilliant bargains at Cosmetics Fairy and I just so happened to fall upon the best one yet! £1.99… so I went and bough three which still comes to less than what I would of paid for one. Woop Woop!


Delving in and I pull out a big yellow bottle, I’ve slowly started branching out into the “fakery” of the world. Last year I hated all things fake, including; nails, tan and eyelashes, But I’ve recently done a post on fake nails here. and wore fake eyelashes last weekend! but saying that I never go OTT and only wear one at a time. As for tan, I mostly stick to subtle gradual tanning moisturisers I must say I love the Dove Summer Glow nourishing lotionfor my legs but it’s coming to nearly the end now and I thought I would give this brand a try.


Hand disapearing in a bit deeper now and I pull out one of the Nail Foils I bought, I’ve worn a dogtooth print set from this brand before and although they were a bit fiddly to put on and that was with my sister doing it. If I was  doing it by myself it would of been a disaster. I loved them, they lasted so long and even with slight chips they weren’t in your face or left horrible paint colour like you do when you chip a painted nail. I think I bought that set for £2.99 at a discount beauty outlet but these were only 99p each so hey why not I bought a few..

First one is Sally Hansen Salon Effects 570 Hear me Roar! How very Katy Perry Roar music video I think! The blue looks a bit faded in the packet compared to the side image of them but hey 99p I ain’t complaining even if they last me a few days.

Second is Sallly Hansen Salon Effects 420 Sweet Tart-An I think they are so Cher Horowitz and as its coming up to Clueless (film) 20th Birthday soon , what better time to wear them. So I think after gym later these bad girls are going on my nails!

Third is Maybelline New York Colour Show in 05 Animal Prints Fierce Snake. This means when I wear these I can be totally fierce right? Like selfies of resting bitch face with nails on my cheek? haha I totally love how if they hadn’t been so cheap I wouldn’t of bought them but they look fun now I have them in my collection.

Lastly of the nail section is…..

L’Oreal Nails a porter, I’ve worn a set from this range on holiday before, they stuck around for days! I mean literally I had to peel them off to remove them 12days later, The paint did chip off them up the top but hey I was packing and unpacking suitcases and everything so I just painted over them for the last 4 days. So I have good hopes for this lovely mint green and grey set.

Oh I also forgot to mention I got a free gift after spending £5, I think it still stands now that offer – Spend a fiver get a free gift, spend a tenner and free delivery. So I got both! mwhaha. Head to Cosmetics Fairy for great deals and free offers. So the free gift I got was that black kohl eye pencil under the mascara picture. Now I always have another spare case I loose my current one.

I hope you liked this little haul post and that you check out Cosmetics Fairy here and support our british companies.

Love as always




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