Are you a cruelty-free advocate looking for new recommended budget-friendly products? Or have you made a 2019 resolution to switch to a cruelty-free lifestyle as much as possible?

(We do not judge here and instead, we celebrate any little achievement/step everyone makes towards a cruelty-free lifestyle)


Starting with a jade roller, I was dubious about these little beauty instruments until I purchased one myself. Allegedly jade rollers boost blood circulation, reduce under-eye puffiness, and help products absorb into your skin. I say allegedly because I can’t 100% say they work for everyone. Although, I can honestly say on the early mornings when I wake up with puffy sleep-deprived eyes (or I’ve been crying). Rolling the cold jade roller across my closed eyes for a minute is very relaxing, and I am sure it minimises the puffiness instantly. I have also noticed that my moisturiser appears to sink into the skin quickly and gives me a healthy glow. But I have no proof, those are just my own thoughts. You can buy a jade roller from Etsy here for £8.16



You can barely notice it but at the far left is a toothpaste. This particular one was gifted from BrushBox. It was gifted for possible review, many months ago and I’ve only now gotten around to trying it out! It’s a very basic toothpaste and doesn’t have a harsh or even a taste to it really to talk about. The interesting part about BrushBox is that they are a subscription service. So you need never have that struggle of remembering to pickup up toothpaste or a new brush again. As an entire set will arrive through your letterbox for you from only £3.50. My set contained a bamboo toothbrush which is eco-friendly. Floss and a tongue cleaner. I am yet to try the tongue cleaner as I have a dreadful gag reflux and can’t bring myself to use it for more than a millisecond. The toothbrush in the photograph is actually from Smile by Nature via Amazon. The pack contained 4 with various coloured heads so your whole family can have their own colour for only £8.

Buy toothbrush pack here.


Next; My new shower favourites are from Soap & Glory. I know Soap & Glory can be on the more expensive side. But both of these are under £10 and totally worth it especially considering the longitivity of the product. Clean Girls body wash is one of many body washes Soap & Glory have but what sold me on this is it has a built in moisturiser. Just what our bodies need for this Winter and to keep glowing throughout the year. The scent is amazing also and sticks around for hours afterwards.

Summer scrubbing from Soap & Glory was a hopeful purchase. I suffer from skin breakouts during Winter. Due to layering up and possible sweat/oil build up to central heating and fluctuating temperatures. So I bought this hoping to reduce buildup and keep my skin clear. So far I’ve found it helps with eliminating potential scarring from the breakouts and it too smells lovely. Unlike harsh microbeads this formula, you massage in until you feel no more beads and simply wash away.

Kind Natured shampoo is my current go to. It was fairly reasonably priced for a daily shampoo and leaves my hair shiny and soft. If you look online you can find more shampoo options from Kind Natured but I really rate the Super Shine.

Buy body wash here & summer scrubbin here. Super shine shampoo here.


I bought a few products over the Christmas period. But I’ll only give you a quick brief on them as there are SO many other YT reviews. CYO mascara is by far my new favourite! I tried many last year, and a lot of them disappointed me. Most weighed my lashes down but CYO keeps the curl and length throughout the day. I also bought the CYO contour palette. I’ve never owned one before so I can’t compare but at the moment I am pleased with it.

Obsession is another new favourite brand. Owned my TAM beauty (the owners of Revolution) I’ve tried a few of their single shadow palettes and they compare nicely to TAM Beauty’s other lines. But today I am talking about their baking powder. Okay. I don’t actually use it for baking, for one thing, I don’t understand the purpose of baking at all but I use it as a translucent powder and it’s incredible! Nothing budges. Also, the liquid illuminator drops aren’t bad. I’m not a fan of the pipette as the formula is so gloopy I never need the pipette. I can always take a light dab of the product that’s just sat on the pipette.


Mentioning Revolution, I am still loving the concealer. People have mentioned it’s a good dupe for the Tarte Shape Tape, I have no idea if it is but I know it’s really thick in consistency and actually hides my dark circles.

Finally, a lipstick, it’s a little drying if you’ve not moisturised your lips in awhile but the colour pigmentation is amazing and very smooth if taken care of your lips before hand.

Buy CYO mascara here, contour kit here. Obsession baking powder here, liquid illuminator here.

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