My cruelty-free makeup collection

My cruelty-free makeup collection

Subconsciously before I even decided on my 2018 goal/achievements to switch to cruelty-free I had a growing collection of cruelty-free skin care and beauty products already. So, I thought I’d share with you what products are already in my collection and what I use daily. As you did ask for more beauty posts and you may be interested in what brands are cruelty-free that you didn’t know about or perhaps you too are going cruelty-free this year?

This post is going to be a big’un so get comfy and grab a notepad to write the shopping list you’re going to want after this!

I’m not sure why I didn’t include the Pixi cleansing cloths in my Skincare post before- But I didn’t so here they are! I’ve had them awhile now and at first I didn’t like them at all, then I realised I was using them all wrong. They aren’t makeup wipes, they are for cleansing after makeup removal. Perfect if you are travelling, as you don’t need to take several lotions and oils to soothe and cleanse afterwards, just gently wipe one of these across your face and let it cleanse your skin softly without several cotton pads and heavy travel bags! 

Next, is Dr Paw Paw Multipurpose Original balm, I have all three of the balms and I alternate between this one for bed/home time and the red one when I want a little colour on my lips. This stuff is said to be great on everything from skin, hair and nails but so far I’ve just stuck to lips as I have other products for the rest. 

My cruelty-free makeup collection

I’ve spoken LOTS about Soap & Glory’s One Heck of a Blot Primer here. And even though I’ve read mixed reviews on it, I personally love it for blurring my imperfections and creating a smooth base for my makeup. Pretty much what I want in a primer, right? I also only wear it on days I want my makeup to last throughout so I’d say it must be good for that too right?

Blusher, you can’t really sway me from my favourite Makeup Revolution Blush Queen palette, the pink moon-like blusher shades are my favourite, as you have pretty much every colour you may want for any occasion! All for only £6! 

Concealer, the Seventeen Skin WOW under eye concealer had its moment for like 5 days when I think a couple of un-said paid for AD’s must have gone out. But I still love this and re-purchased 4 since. There’s a lot in it though, don’t go thinking I’m flying throughout it, I tried a BB concealer pen a couple of weeks ago and I used it WAY less and it either dried out or run out much faster! So, definitely worth the £4.99!

If you want a lil EXTRA sparkle (cause who doesn’t right) then I totally recommend the Nyx glitter pots and glitter primer, it never dries stiff, I don’t get fallout during the day (as long as I don’t excessively rub my eyes) and they are reasonably priced compared to some!

Seventeen again, I’ve been trying this mascara out for just over a week and I’m not 100% convinced yet, but that’s because I’m comparing to other non-CF brand mascara’s, so I’ll find one eventually! But for now, this Blow Out Mascara is OK for £4.99

My cruelty-free makeup collection

Lipstick is Soap & Glory Sexy Mother Puker, I only have 2 shades so far, as I don’t think they actually have that much shade range atm but I’m hoping to invest in some Charlotte Tilbury soon. I’m thinking the raved about Pillow Talk shade, can you recommend me anymore shades?

My eyebrows are always kept super simple so I use the blonde eyebrow definer from Collection. This was about £2.

Next, is my firm favourite nail varnish company which are cruelty-free! HOORAH and actually has the best formula I have found for a budget varnish. Barry M, I pretty much have all their shades minus the sunset line as I only tried one and wasn’t too fond. Shades shown: Mani Mask – Kiss Me Quick & Pink Lemonade

Lastly, I have popped some products that I have recently been gifted by Kiss Products and when I found out they were Cruelty-Free I was 100% in and been wearing the nails which you can see here and here. I also wore the eyelashes over Christmas, which I can highly recommend as they last throughout the day!

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