Cruelty Free Skincare 2018


Cruelty-Free Skin care 2018

Subconsciously before I even decided on my 2018 goal/achievements to switch to cruelty-free I had a growing collection of cruelty-free skin care and beauty products already. So, I thought I’d share with you what products are already in my collection and what I use daily. As you did ask for more beauty posts and you may be interested in what brands are cruelty-free that you didn’t know about or perhaps you too are going cruelty-free this year?

It’s not been easy already as I mentioned previously in this post on why I am going cruelty-free and why the process is difficult already. What I realised is, that there aren’t many shampoo/hair brands that are cruelty-free. In fact, not one of my previous shampoo products is cruelty-free, which is really annoying because they work with my hair so well. But nope, after the last drop is used I will be swapping to John Freida or Lee Stafford. Any recommendations on what to buy from them? 

I’ve been using Botanics for awhile now, in fact, before they decided to spend money on promotion and collaborations their products were literally a couple of quid in Boots. I found them as I wanted a moisturiser that I wasn’t just paying for packaging and brand name and finding out they were cruelty-free just sweetened the deal even more. I’ve tried all of their hydrating day cream moisturisers and eventually bought their All Bright cleanser and hibiscus eye-makeup remover

Cruelty-Free Skin care 2018

I no longer use Botanics for moisturiser as I recently switched over to Boots Essentials, after a quick google search of *is Boots Essentials Cruelty-free* when staring at the super cheap moisturisers on the shelf confirmed, yes. Well that quickly jumped in my basket and after flying through one cucumber moisturiser at only £1.50 I went back to the store for another, unfortunately, everyone had noticed the 3 for £3 deal and they’d gone so I bought 2 of the original moisturisers and one cucumber eye cream as I was slowly coming to the last of my Soap & Glory. 

The Pixi Glow Tonic obviously had to be in the list. As one of the most talked about beauty products about 3 years ago, people still rave about it. I only bought this a couple of months ago and even the older woman serving me at M&S exclaimed how great the product was. I’ve used it for 2 months now about twice a week and It didn’t dry my skin out as much as the Body-shop Seaweed Toner does, but I do still use the Bodyshop Seaweed toner daily as it’s cheaper. 

Superdrug’s own brand of aloe-vera lip balm actually surprised me, by being 100% vegan – Go Superdrug, This I actually bought years ago and it lives in my top drawer of my bedside table for when I feel like my lips are little too dry. 

Lastly are my Miss Patisserie favourites, the Body Souffle in Watermelon (edit) is the best thing I used last year for my body then the bath melt’s are super cute. 100% vegan

I did forget to include one item in the photos, probably because I’ve used it for so many years, that I don’t think about it anymore, just use it. It’s the Original Source Shower Milk, honestly, they have such a fab smelling range and I have sensitive skin and it never gets irritated by these. 100% vegan

Do you have any recommendations? Let us all know below.

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