Day Dreaming in Homesense

I promise the photographs will get better over time and with little suggestions)

I’ve been searching for a local home sense for ages like since I saw plenty of homeware hauls on youtube and thought damn I want that pretty stuff, Im addicted to the home section is TKMaxx, it only seemed natural I wanted to immerse myself in its sister shop, but I couldnt find one until a colleague of mine mentioned she took her mum to the one in swansea retail park.. so guess what that sunday I jumped in the car (it was a very rainy windy day, got soaked and lost!) and took to search for HomeSense and there I found it, it will now be my second home when I get to design my next home.

I took my camera along for the ride in the hopes I could find maybe a set up or two to post on here for you, but unfortunately not, so instead I took lots of photos of bits and pieces I wish I had the money and space to put them.


I thought how unique these boxes were for my inner rock chick, think I would keep all my records in here (if I had a big enough apartment that is! haha)


I love this table as it has an almost  “junk shop” feel about it, Like you’ve just walked into a welsh second hand antiques store

I love the quote on the left frame and the detailing of the frame on the right.

I thought this would look amazing in a little corner dedicated to my music and instruments!

Let me know how or where you would style an item listed above?





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