DIY friendship & love collage with Printiki

DIY friendship & love collage with PrintikiValentines is right around the corner and whilst some prepare romantic meals out, in and presents. Some of us don’t celebrate it on one day and like to show signs of affection throughout the year. My sign of affection is via this DIY photo collage I created with photos of Rob and me, our friends and our puppy. So, I thought I’d show you how I created one with Printiki and how you can too for under £20!

You really don’t need to spend much money on this project and it’s the thought that counts, you could create one for your partner for valentines, a family collage for your mother on mothers day or even just one for you to decorate your walls.

I mentioned to Robyn this idea I had for a big canvas filled with black and white photographs and he thought it was a great idea.

So, with this idea in mind, I pitched it to Printiki (yes, I contacted them, it does actually work!) and they loved my idea to create a DIY collage of friends and family for “Valentines”. So, we collaborated and they sent me 30 square photos that I edited to grayscale with their super easy editing tools. There are many other tools you can play around with such as; adding text, 4 filters, creating your photos into many shapes, rotating and you can even add a coloured border. I opted for full size, square photos with a grey filter and no border. 

DIY friendship & love collage with Printiki

I purchased the frame from The Range for £9 and they even had a big range of double-sided tape. I purchased the double sided stick on squares for around £2, but you can opt for glue if you’d rather. I chose the tape because it was easier to peel off gently and re-stick if I made a mistake (which I did!)

DIY friendship & love collage with Printiki



One little tip is to plan out your photos before you buy the frame, that way you know the exact size you will need instead of realising you have lots of empty space or can’t fit photos in!


I took a photo on my phone so that when it came to creating it I already had the perfect design worked out instead of lots of sticking and unsticking!







I think the photo collage looks really great and I think it’s a great feature point to look at when needing a pick-me-up. It will help remind me of the good memories we’ve all shared.

DIY friendship & love collage with Printiki

There’s plenty of other collage ideas, you could create. Pinterest is full of ideas and there is a DIY project section on Printiki. 


If you make a DIY collage this Valentines day or even just for your home, make sure you tag me in your photos on Insta so that I can share them with my followers ❤️


The link above for free delivery is affiliated, which means if you purchase I may receive commision at NO cost to you!


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