Animal print coat your need

Animal print, you either love it or hate it – Kinda like marmite, you might even be scared to try it! I was, but I broke my animal print virginity and jumped right in with a huge faux fur coat. Read on to see how I styled it with 5 different outfits

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As I mentioned above, I had a fear of animal print clothing, so I decided to break that fear with one HUGE faux fur animal print coat. Shein very kindly gifted me the coat and I decided to style it 5 different ways for myself and for you.

Animal print coat you need

At only £22.94 (use my code for this discount) the coat is affordable and I can honestly say it feels more expensive than it is. It’s lined and very soft. The only downside is there are no pockets, I suggest pairing with a cute cross body bag, avoiding patterned bags for this coat unless you love to clash, then own it!

Outfit idea 1: Denim skirts, black or blue denim paired with a band or logo tee’s are perfect. If like me you feel the cold, black patterned tights are SO in right now.

Outfit idea 2 & 3: Black skinny jeans and vans/converse. The ultimate casual go-to outfit. Adding a hoodie will bring warmth to your outfit if you’re heading out for a walk. Be like the Insta-models and style with a beanie and sunglasses for the effortless London street style look.

Outfit 4: This outfit can be worn to an office job or even a casual meeting. Layer a thin knit jumper with a fitted blazer and black jeans/trousers and your good to go. I always think black ankle boots are a must for winter office attire.

Outfit 4: A very simple jeans and jumper look but brightened up with some statement boots. Here is another outfit idea for styling red boots.

Animal print coat you need

Buy the coat here* – Use code: rose015 for 15% off site wide!

If you do buy this coat, I’d really love to see how you style it, so tag me in your posts, I really don’t mind and I’d love to get more inspiration on how to wear it myself. Tag me via Twitter or Instagram.

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