I don’t need to tell you that social media is hard, I don’t mean the keeping up with it or the trends that fly-by on it. I mean the strain it takes on us mentally when you scroll through Insta you see “perfect” homes, beautiful makeup that looks more like a work of art than the squiggle cat eye you made this morning. So, how do we stop comparing ourselves to that, feel pretty and just f-ing get over it?!

I’m no objection to this and highly doubt anyone in this world doesn’t have dislikes about themselves even if they never admit it, it’s just about learning to be happy with who we are and making ourselves to be the very best we wish to be. I don’t like the saying the best possible being we could be, cause well…. sure! I could be an actress or tour the world with my violin in a band, but I’m not, cause I didn’t wish that for myself, my best is enjoying life as much as possible whilst being financially stable and building my own little career step by step. Anyways, enough about me – How can you, we and I, feel pretty in a world full of social perfection?


As I said, you could just f-king get over it, and realise this is the way it is going to be from now on, or we could teach ourselves these little ways;

Be proud of yourself

Take a step back and see how much you’ve achieved and then look at where you want to go. If you look back and haven’t achieved as much as you want then figure out why, and how you can get back on track with it. Trust me there is no better way in this world to feel pretty than to feel pretty darn pleased with ourselves! I don’t care what anyone says, no man or woman can give me the thrill I get when I’ve achieved a personal goal or even exceeded myself. Only tonight I finished off a youtube video that is a MASSIVE milestone to me, I was pleased as punch for my milestone but also because I bloody loved the work I CREATED with it! 



It’s only edited!

Remember that those photographs on Instagram are edited, now I don’t mean over the top fancy pants photoshop stuff. I mean filters and apps, recently I took these photos, the filter made my skin look smooth and pale, like where have my freckles gone? That isn’t me in real life, but that also doesn’t mean I can’t edit and post these online, they look pretty and I’m proud of those photos.



Perhaps go on an Instagram cull and only follow the accounts you relate too or make you happy. If you constantly look at someone’s life and long for it, then delete them and come back once you are in a happier place. OR you could use their life as a goal set, research into how they got where they are, what they did but don’t copy, think how you can create that life/image for yourself. 

Figure out your likes

What makes you happy? Is it your dog? Spending time with family? Playing console games, being creative or perhaps reading? Really think what makes you happy? Focus on it, what makes me happy is creating pieces for others. Spare seconds are usually filled with photograph ideas, blog post topics, editing photographs on my phone or doodling images I want to create. Anytime you feel out of sorts with the world, go to your happy place, read for an hour, play a game, organise a family dinner or trip out with the dog. That little breather for just doing something for you can really make your inner self-feel content. 

Just remember, social media is made to look pretty, but you need to concentrate on making your inner self-prettier first! 

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3 thoughts on “How to feel pretty in a world full of “perfect” social media”

  1. Loved this post! I had to take a break from social media all together last year because the constant bombardment of skinny, beautiful girls with perfect tans and seemingly perfect lives was getting me down. I’d highly recommend taking a break from it all! I loved your points and advice. It’s important to keep in mind that social media is far from reality

    1. Oh, Lauren, I’m sad that you felt like that 🙁 but I hope you never feel like it again because you are beautiful!
      I’m also always here if you wanted to message me for a lil girl power kick up the butt chat! haha

      Charlee x

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