Make friends in your 20's - Dress Outfit

It’s common in the movies for the main character to have a bestie that they’ve relied upon since a young age right? They’ve grown up together, share secrets, parents pretty much expect them to be joined at the hip. Yes, they may fight but they’ll make it through always!  But that doesn’t happen for a lot of us in real life does it? It certainly didn’t for me. So, here’s how you can find your trusty best friend/s in your 20’s.

Firstly, don’t be scared to make the first move! It’s kinda like dating really, you may form a friendship over anything no matter how weird or wonderful. I met Lottie via a bloggers network event that I was organising. TBH I didn’t recognise her and I was probably extremely rude ignoring her. But she is amazing and totally understood that I was just SO busy trying to make the event a success I’d forgotten to enjoy the whole bloody thing!

Make friends in your 20's - Dress Outfit

Secondly, they’re probably just as WEIRD as YOU. Honestly, thinking to my other girlfriend Neesha, I’ve yet to meet another blogger who doesn’t think Neesha is the dogs bollocks – excuse my language. Don’t get me wrong she is amazing and her knowledge of the internet is parallel to the urban dictionary to giggling school boys. Neesha is lovely but she’s normal, just like you and me she’ll order a shit tonne off the takeaway menu and cram as much as she can in until giving in.

Thirdly, you won’t have all of the same likes, dislikes, thoughts or traits. No one is the same and embrace that. They may tell you when they think you’re in the wrong because they’ve experienced something similar before. Listen. 

If you really don’t know where to start to find friends then take a class/ do you have a hobby that people often meet up and talk about? Lots of people say they’ve joined a gym to make friends but I can promise you, you’ll be EXTREMELY lucky to pick up a bestie in the gym. Everyone goes in for themselves, pops in their headphones and gets in the zone. Search your facebook for local groups/ gatherings in your area or just google search.

Perhaps you could message an old friend. I’ve had a couple of old school friends message me that I haven’t spoken to in over 6 years and OK- we aren’t best buds but we message and you never know it may lead to a couple of meetups and a good laugh reminisincing at old times.

Make friends in your 20's - Dress Outfit

So, a roundup of my tips:

  • Go to events, classes, take up a new hobby
  • Reach out to old friends
  • Take to Twitter/online use hashtags for your location and see who’s about – Don’t stalk them, but interact with their stuff and casually talk till one of you offers a coffee date. I’ve actually met 3 #southwales bloggers this way and I’m still friends with 2 of them. 1 was a heck no! 😂
  • Don’t dismiss someone instantly because you don’t have the same likes.

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Make friends in your 20's - Dress Outfit

If you’re a #southwales blogger and looking for a friend message me on Twitter 😘 I don’t bite honest 

 GOOD LUCK with your quest for friendship 



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