We (Neesha, Ffion, Holly, Lottie & I) got invited by Bluestone Wales, to come and spend 4 nights in their amazing resort! I am actually sat on their sofa right now, when writing this, and I still can not believe it!

I have got so many amazing photos and stories of this holiday already, and its only day 3. That I am going to have to break this down into many posts, not quite sure exactly into what, or the titles but i’ll have fun doing it. This post is going to be on the basics of a blogger girls holiday and what they (actually) get up to!

The monday night everyone was pretty much tired, we all made separate food and half went bed about half ten, but Ffion and I, like last night stayed up well past midnight! What Rebel’s we are! We stayed up watching Big Bang Theory and worked on our blogs… okay so suddenly not so much rebels, but I did have 2 glasses of wine! which for me is cray..Z haha


Oh also if you follow ffion on Snapchat, you may have seen our hilarious moment on capturing and chucking out, a smallish spider from the lodge. That was very funny, there was me being all as I am, sorting out the spider, and typically they scream when I coax it onto paper, so naturally I threw it and off went the spider and up onto the chairs went the girls. I did manage to put him outside in the rain!

The next day

We all woke at different times, but roughly grabbed breakfast almost together. We chatted a little over what we wanted to do, got dressed and went off to slowly explore the grounds. Where some of us went a bit bat-shit-crazy, over some tiny frogs and a squirrel.  Holly, Ffion and I did a few outfit shots around the lake. This part practically took an hour because of all the vlogs, photos and squealing, when really it should of only taken 20!


Another night of me and Ffi up till 1am. I managed to have a lovely Lush bath bomb bath and the girls watched TV. When I got out, me and Ffi stayed on our laptops watching more Big Bang Theory, and some sort of Gordon Ramsey’s Hotel Horror show. (not sure on the actual name but something like that)

The Wednesday

We went to Folly Farm, going rightly nuts for the Giraffe’s, Penguins, Ocelots and the vintage fair rides. Lottie got to join us in Folly Farm, she was feeling a bit anxious and worked up, therefore work sent her home so she got to come play with us. Yey! I shall be writing up a post for Folly Farm, a little review on how us girls in our 20’s enjoyed it immensely. Make sure your subscribed via Bloglovin to get a little notification when that is live. (Plenty of cute and amazing animal photos/ plus hilarious, us laughing our socks off photos, in that one!)


None of this exactly is what they promise in films is it? but it was really, really good! We got time off work, spent time all together. Got a whole load of blog posts put together, and a few of us got some vlog footage. But hey? wheres the pillow fights, late night drinking, where we end up half on the sofa with our dresses ruffled with a huge headache!


Was a lot better and girly. We spent the morning blogging away at the dining table together, till one of us noticed the time so we all ran off to put on our swim costumes. Off we went to the spa at top speed. We had our individual aromatherapy massages before meeting back up in the relaxation room. Trying out the lovely warm pool and separate saunas/ice room. (A post will be up soon on my first spa experience!)  We went back to the lodge to do some more blogging, till it was time to get dressed for our meal out. The meal was lovely, but not much options for vegetarians though. (Review will be up on that, probably lastly of the bunch) One of us may have drunk a bit too much already, but we went back to the lodge, poured some more wine and did a very Tipsy Talk  periscope. Just a bit of blogging then, before we all collapsed into bed around midnight.


Okay so that bit, was pretty much similar to a film moment, someone wandered into my room looking for paracetamol in the morning and getting up at 8am to leave, was a struggle! 

As I said we woke at 8am, I practically jumped out of my skin as my alarm shrieked loudly in the room. I was in my first deep sleep of the week. yikes! and I had to go and be rudely awoken. We packed up, took any last minute photos (I filmed my Cribz Style Lodge Tour you can find here) and all headed home. After dropping the girls off, I literally fell straight asleep on the sofa, tongue out an all, according to my mother who walked in on me like it aha (hangover kicking in I think!)

What a lovely first girls holiday it was though, we had so much fun and I have to say a HUGE Thank You to Bluestone Wales for inviting us, and letting us all be together for almost a week of blogging and fun!



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