I have never been to a spa or anything similar in fact, so when Bluestone Wales offered us a spa treatment in our blogger pack, I was very happy indeed. We all chose the aromatherapy massage but I think everyone had different thoughts to their experience. Most of the girls had back, scalp and neck massages. I only opted for back and legs..


Unfortunately, since my visit, my back has been the worst it has ever been.  I let the really lovely therapist know that I suffered from pain from my lower back but after “massaging” out all my knots in my shoulders an hour later, I was almost curled over from pain. I wasn’t the only one who experienced this, but thankfully after the next day their pain disappeared. Mine, however, sat back at my desk where the initial back pain came from, is ow! still to this day.


The overall spa experience and the relaxation rooms were wonderful. The therapist was very chatty, which I know you’re supposed to be there to relax and be quiet, but I don’t do quiet. I feel awkward when silent so I asked questions, and general chit-chatted with her. Us girls all met back up in the relaxation room, laid there for a couple of minutes then decided to wander off and try the saunas/ ice room. We also went into the little hydro-pool, we giggled a lot even though the signs said “shhh” – no one complained to us anyways, and we did not stay in there long anyways as we quickly went back to the saunas, before we got dressed and back to the lodge.


I noticed there was a few people eating what looked like a lovely lunch, at some indoor tables, but I could not work out how you actually order or pay for anything.


I would have loved to sit down and relax for a bit on the open top decking, perhaps reading a book or even some blogs on my phone, but the girls were quite excitable so we did not stay in one place long.

During the massage and my 20 questions to the poor girl. I did get to learn a fair bit about the different massages and the most popular – as I said I do not like to keep too quiet I find it awkward, so I asked many questions about the Spa, why she became a therapist and such. I learnt that Aromatherapy along with Hot Stones is the two most purchased Therapy’s bought at Well Spa. Hot Stones is apparently great for winter time, as it really loosens and warms up right down to your muscles. Perfect for those chilly days! I asked what Bamboo Massage was, and she kindly explained you get to choose the length of bamboo that is heated up and gently rolled down the body applying pressure to certain areas.


I really would suggest a therapy at Well Spa Bluestone, as it is a wonderful experience, I believe everyone should try if they are open to it. But unfortunately, I can not recommend the Aromatherapy Massage due to my personal pain after the experience. Everyone is different, though, and like I said 3 other girls enjoyed it!

I also noticed a cute area for where they do the manicure and pedicure treatments when leaving the Spa. The only downside is it was really quite expensive or I most definitely would have paid for one of them too.



2 thoughts on “My first spa experience with Bluestone Wales”

    1. It really was a great experience, and the girls all enjoyed!
      You should definitely go if you get the chance!
      I’m going to check out your blog too, so thanks for popping by!
      Charlee x

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