It’s already half way through the year – well-blinkin’ heck where has that time flown away? This year I set myself to enjoy it, not really focus on any grown up big issues – like getting a new place to myself or a new job. Just enjoy it, have fun, experience things and spend my money wisely, but on activities, days out, date nights, nights out and holidays.

And that I have….. Let’s see what adventures I’ve been on already


  • I kicked off the New Year with Robyn, we didn’t go out but stayed in, drunk and sang our little hearts out on the sofa to whatever was playing on the TV after Big Ben chimed 12.
  • February, I lost a friend that had been with me since I was 5. My beautiful horse, her death was an accident that could’ve been helped. But I am so glad that she knew we loved her, as we stayed and comforted her for many hours. I had to take a lot of grievance leave for that, as I wasn’t so upset that I could not go in, more of exhausted and drained of all life. I could barely concentrate on the television, nevermind several phones and a computer screen.


  • I got another tattoo. I wanted one with a quote from “To kill a mockingbird” and after my horse passing away, I knew exactly what I wanted, I wanted to swap the infinity design underneath the writing to a galloping free horse. So that is what I did. Robyn kindly came and squeezed my leg as I pulled funny faces when the needle scratched across my rib.
  • April was when things started to pick up a bit more and life was piecing itself back together. I spent more time with the girls, various blogger events, sometimes unfortunately not all together but still good. My birthday was at the end of it and Robyn spoilt me, he bought me a cute unicorn, earrings and had a wonderful dressed up meal and drinks together.
  • May I started taking my blog a bit more seriously too, my mum helped me out with some outfit photographs and a lookbook. I found out that Instagram followers/non-followers really “like” my unplanned outfit photographs through my mirror on my average phone camera… hey?! Who knew!



  • Which then leads us to June – The second week I went on a blogger holiday with my 4 other blogger girl besties – Mountains of photographs, vlogs taken and fun to be had! We all really (except for me as I took way too long writing mine up) got on top of our blogs too! I achieved more social media and vlogging goals than anything. I got my first Spa Experience. Also got to take Robyn as a plus one to a blogger review at an “all you can eat” restaurant. I believe he really liked that, and the fact he didn’t need to pay anything was even better for him!



In all honesty, this past year (June 2015/june 2016) has flown fast, yet I have squeezed soo much into it. Considering before June last year I was such an introvert and would barely leave the house unless I had weighed up every situation and had my “pit bull” partner next to me. Oh my gosh! How I have grown up, my mother has commented once or twice on it too how much she has seen me change, grow in confidence and find myself. It’s been amazing! So overall it’s gone quickly, as I can not believe July has already gone, yet, seems like last June when I was my silent anxious self was a hell of a long way ago!

So let’s look forward to the rest of the year, fingers crossed and toes many fun adventures happen which I can share with you all. Oh, also I hope to meet many more of you, although names I am struggling with as I usually remember more by blog name than an actual first name. Oops sorry!



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