You know, that really annoying saying “ain’t nobody got time for dat” Well I literally haven’t! I work 42 hours a week with at least a 5-hour commute to work each week (rolling eyes).  I blog, recently Youtube, make sure I have a social life and most importantly a relationship with Robyn and my family. I’ve seen so many career men & women concentrate and put so much effort into their work that their relationship dies. I do not want that so with all that in mind, where on earth do I fit cleaning the house in?

My poor car looks like the inside of my handbag absolutely full of everything! Whilst, yes, I have the ethic of “everything has its place & must look tidy” some days it’s just impossible, and I find I come home to piles of my worn work clothes stacking up and so do the dishes. It’s not really a place to feel motivated or inspired in to work in when it’s looking like that.


So, Robyn and I talked it over and we think at least for the rest of this year, we would hire a cleaner. But where do you get trust worthy, reliable people from these days to allow into your house amongst your precious items? After a couple of searches online I found Bidvine and it suited us perfectly, I searched for “cleaner”, with my post code, a few tick box questions came up like when am I available, what type of cleaning etc. I sent the submission and awaited bids from professional cleaners to come in. A couple of hours later I got to pick the one right for me.  Therefore I am looking forward to not coming home and thinking “oh crap, the carpet needs hoovering… but damn, I also need to shower and sort out a presentation”

Let’s be honest, could you benefit from a cleaner occasionally?
(I would sure like someone to come and fold/sort out for my wardrobe too – What would I search for though? Haha)


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