I’ve always said this to anyone that may say “oh you look particularly dressed up or smart today” (unless there is an actual reason like for a meeting or event) then my answer is always the same “When I’m having a bad day or feel ill, I have this thing where if I look “good” then I will feel good” It’s an odd, silly reasoning really, cause how can a nice outfit literally make your period cramps better or your pounding anxiety headache disappear. It can’t, but I’ve always believed the mind over matter thing to a certain extent. 


Days when I am wearing my comfiest jeans, unflattering tee and oversized cardigan, I can tenner bet I will feel like snuggling up more and hiding away from the world. Yet, if I go to work in a pair of tight black trousers, heels and a nice top. It elevates my mood, it makes me feel like I made an effort. I’ve been told I’m quite an expressional person, so if I have something on my mind, people close to me will notice instantly, sometimes if anxiety has gotten the better of me and I’ve not even noticed I’m a bit down but others have cause I’m not my chipper self. Yet if I’m happy and energized, then my smile can be infectious apparentlyAnyways, that’s another story, another thing to add is I get compliments when I look nice so that obviously boosts my confidence a little and makes anyone smile right? 

How-clothes-help-me-with-my-bad-days-2Do I manage to do this everytime I feel merh – No, some days a nice baggy slogan tee, jeans and converse are exactly what I need to have a bad day. But you can pretty much guarantee the next day I’ll be storming around in my knee high boots and fitted dress perk-ing my mood right up on purpose! 

Thinking back, I always thought I was unfashionable growing up, yeah, I probably was. But my style evolution has definitely changed, evolved and sort of come full circle. I am no longer interested in those high-end brands, yeah sure they are lovely and give someone a sense of wealth. But bloody hell, wealth doesn’t mean they are a nice person – and I want to be a nice person. So, I’ve unintentionally put my Guess, Marc Jacobs and YSL items in their dust bags and drawers and opting for high street alternatives. It’s just SO much better for me, my health, my bank balance and my general happiness. I’m not stressing if I stain my £70 purse because it’s a £15 TK Maxx find, and I’m happier cause I can afford to go out with friends, shop a little more on the spur of the moment and treat Robyn to the odd night out together because I spent £70 on an outfit not £70 on one top!


That’s my little about me and how fashion and clothes help me, I hope you will keep in mind that little phrase/motto that I stick by and say for any day you feel down but don’t want to be. Dress up a little and watch it elevate your inner mind 🙂


I hope you are all happy and well, 

Let me know what’s your favourite movie to watch on sofa days is? 

Mine is About Time – It is my favourite movie by far!


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