I’m not sure if there is anyone else in the world quite like me, but I’m a freezer, even if I’ve shaved and then get cold an hour later I will be like a hedgehog – It’s SO annoying! So it’s taken me years of testing out different ways of maintaining smooth legs to finally decide on what works best for me 

I’ve tried waxing, the pain and time it takes just ain’t worth it for me, I’ve tried epilators (only got 1/4 of the way up one leg about 3 times now and chicken out every time) even tried that stupid Wilkinsword cream shaver and every time I go back to traditional shavers. Then Harry’s contacted me, I’d never heard of them before, but Robyn had, so I mentioned this to them in the reply email and they kindly gifted us both a set to try. When I say set I mean set, we got a 6 blade shaver with 3 changeable heads, travel case and shave gel/cream. I’ve been using the cream and I am bloody hooked on that stuff! I’ve used gel for years and always found the male versions to be a lot better and cheaper than female, but I opted for the cream and ugh my legs feel so moisturised, it helps make the blade glide up my legs with literally ZERO knicks (cuts). Oh, also the shaver heads pivot so they aren’t rigid and this makes shaving your armpits, a lot easier! 



I’m not going to beat around the bush with this post and give you 100 reasons why you should buy it because hey, I was only gifted it for review with the option to blog if I wanted to and if you want to invest in a good shaver then you will – But I am seriously a fan, whenever this set runs out, probably in 3 months cause as I said I have three heads in the set. I am going to buy a replacement set. The cream has me hooked for a start, and seen as investing in a good shaver is probably wiser than the pack of £1 disposable ones I normally get then hella – Harry’s count me as a fan! 


But – Here’s 3 ways to maintain smooth legs for up to 5days. (depending on the climate temperature and what you wear)

  1. Never use a blunt shaver, it can cut you much more easily (as strange as that may sound) it also helps get a closer shave, the closer the shave the less hair is visible and therefore will take longer for the hair to grow back out!
  2. Use shaving cream, a gel will work, but after using Harry’s one I really doubt I’ll be going back.
  3. Moisturise as soon as out of the shower and use body scrub occasionally, body scrub will help take off the dead skin, giving a closer shave and less chance of ingrown hair. Moisturise well that’s a no-brainer, it keeps your skin soft and when you rub it into your skin you are actually giving yourself a mini massage which helps pump the blood around that area. 

p.s. My boyfriend recommends their razors for shaving his beard!

*Disclaimer – As previously mentioned the razor sets mentioned were gifted but this post was not sponsored in any way*

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