The lovely people at Litecraft wanted to send me a new desk lamp from their range for my new blog/office room and I thought what better way to show it off than teaching you lot how to create the typical blogger aesthetic desk space. 

So when we think blogger workspaces, what comes to mind first? White, marble, rose gold, copper, cute stationery and apple products right? 

This isn’t necessarily a true representation of an everyday hobby blogger, as you can read a post here where I asked 4 bloggers about their real blog space & photos.

But for a start you really don’t need an apple product to blog! Yes, it may be more useful if you are a vlogger as come with iMovie already built in (or downloadable with the new update) but for a blogger, a high street computer or laptop brand will honestly do as it’s the programmes and your creativity that will help create awesome content, not your device. Trust me! I have a MacBook air, and I love it don’t get me wrong but once I have finished decorating my new office space I shall be on the look out for a desktop computer with creative programme ability. 

White desk okay yes, I have succumbed to that one too but I had a white painted Annie Sloan desk back at my mums. But a white Ikea desk is on its way!  But as I said you could paint your desk to get this affect or even get self-adhesive sticky sheets found at local DIY craft stores and home stores. 

As for the other parts, they are mostly just accessories so have a look what you got, get a little DIY and spray paint any items you like but want a copper look instead. 


The one thing that I find very important is lighting, as I work in an office environment as a day job I know how poor lighting can affect headaches/tiredness/vision and general atmosphere. I have an Ikea lamp very similar to a Pixar Luxo lamp and I love it, it’s natural daylight (with the right bulb) and fully adjustable for writing, working on the computer and for general mood lighting. When Litecraft offered me a choice of lighting I knew I’d love a desk lamp that was adjustable, and within my colour scheme of grey and silver.  So I really liked the chrome desk lamp as it matched my previous lamp, but this one is more modern and stylish with the alterable handles and swirl designs covering the adjustment fittings. 

You can find Litecraft desk lamps perfect for a blogger desk here:


(p.s. you’d never know that in these photos this isn’t my actual desk it’s a complete mock up desk with boxes because my desk is still yet to be delivered)



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