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The vinyl coat – It’s not exactly on many peoples NEED or even want lists for that matter. To be honest, I didn’t know I wanted one until I was nosing through the ASOS sale and it was in my basket. So, here is how I’ll be styling my vinyl coat and some other chic ways.



As it’s winter, a jumper is kinda necessary but especially as vinyl coats aren’t warm in the slightest. Well this one is lined but it’s cold, so opting for a thick jumper is not only practical but it can look really chic. But, if you’re not into jumpers or want to style with something else, then why not try a slogan or printed sweatshirt layered over a white shirt?

Vinyl Coat - My Outfit 1 + sweatshirt

Vinyl Coat Full Outfit - Sourced Image



I’ve styled mine with my favourite grey snood jumper, this jumper is seriously the cosiest and I SO wish I had bought 2 when I bought it 2 years ago because I have gotten my wear out of it, and I’ll be very sad when it’s in tatters. Jeans are an obvious choice, they are not only comfortable but stylish and work pretty well with any outfit. I personally love the texture and colour combo of these two against each other. I didn’t want to throw any more colours into this outfit so I chose my black Anna Field ankle boots from Zalando. Which were a total steal at £22.99 but sadly sold out now.


Another option for wearing denim is a denim skirt with black tights and either black or silver ankle boots. I’d pair this with yet again a jumper or if you plan on being inside most the time, perhaps a white fitted shirt.





Vinyl Coat - Star Dress Outfit

Vinyl Coat - Star Dress Outfit - Closed Coat



I also styled the coat with a super cute star mesh dress from ASOS that I lusted over for SO long that I just had to grab before they sold out on sale! I paired the dress with Black slouchy OTK boots, perfect for a winter January party. If you want to copy this outfit style yourself, but don’t fancy buying the star dress then opt for a little black dress and OTK boots or even a dark shade bodycon with tights and heels if you want to be a little bit sexy.









If you’re a little scared of the vinyl coat – as was I, no wait… I still am… No! It’s ok, just wear it a couple of times when raining because some may think of it as a brilliant raincoat (take an umbrella of course) then once you’ve built up the confidence. Ta-Dah!

Oh, yeah, I forgot to add this coat is ONLY £26 as it is on sale – Go, go, go!


Vinyl Coat - outfits + lily collins dresss source

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Grey Sweatshirt Outfit – US ASOS

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Vinyl Coat - Star Dress Shot 1

Vinyl Coat - Jeans + Boots



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    1. Aw, thank you, Elena, I think you’d look fab in one with a pretty blouse or dress. Definitely try it 🙂

      Charlee x

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