How-to-garden-postIt’s gorgeously sunny as I sit in the garden typing this with my camera, music and sound of the waves and cars surrounding me.It’s pretty incredible but the garden could do with a bit of TLC, wood from the kitchen and old decking are leaned up against the walls as the landlord has been yet unable to burn/ get rid and I sit here feeling inspired to make this a lovely place to invite friends over for drinks and such. So I have decided to put together a post on a few things that are on my to buy list or even just an idea wishlist of how I could make it look good. 

We have a pretty cool igloo pizza cooker in our garden and plenty of chairs etc so all I would need is a bit of touching up and a few awesome pieces.

First of all, I actually love the falling twine, thorns and ivy it looks really cute I think against the walls so some solar panel fairy lighting would be a great start I think. Also, some plants and sadly Homebase are no longer in partnership with Nectar or I would definitely be hitting there to gain some nectar points. So a trip to the local garden centre is next on the agenda because if I can’t gain points then why not go and support local businesses. I’m thinking lavender to match with the pretty purple flowers growing on the wall.
A chiminea is something I definitely want to invest in, my mother has always had a chiminea and we have spent many evenings in the garden burning wood, toasting bread and marshmallows having fun in the evening sunlight. One like this one would be perfect! –
Barbeque fire put

Next, is to sort out the messy corner next to the house where the spare wood is currently stored I think a day bed would be an excellent idea, somewhere to lounge in the sun, shade when too hot and in the future somewhere to hide the kids when they refuse to stay under an umbrella on a chair. Because kids are fidgety aren’t they!
I am really loving the idea of this particular day bed! It’s a little bit pricey but definitely an investment piece that will last years! Day Bed

We don’t have a dog yet, but it is definitely something we are hopeful for soon, so a patch where the little fella can do his business is a necessity, and I am thinking of putting some artificial grass down by the door below the decking, that way it is super easy to keep clean with a hose pipe etc and he won’t have to run far when it is raining. Having pets all my life I know how some of them can be stubborn in the rain!


Links to where can buy UK garden stuff online from:-


I hope this post may have given you some inspiration and places to buy from, I know it has definitely inspired me. 

Let me know what do you use your garden for? 


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