An Email popped through my inbox to visit FeD Cardiff on a review basis, for their Super Summer Menu. I was super excited to visit, and to review a restaurant with my plus one.

Robyn and I made our way to Cardiff, it was nearly a 2 hour long journey for Robyn, but he happily came along with me. We got all dressed up (any excuse really for me to dress up in a pretty dress, and to see him in a shirt). We wanted to make a date night out of it, my treat seen as I was driving, and was to write up a review in payment for our meals.

We got slightly confused as I thought it was where Steak of Art was, Robyn was right it was directly opposite the MotorPoint Arena front doors. Really easy to find, and great if you were off to see a show, act, comedian or band. You can fill up before or after with not much walking distance.


Upon arrival you wait in a small seating area till they find your designated table or an empty one. Unfortunately we got sat right on the end walk way so everyone passed us but, Silver Linings this way I got to have a good look around at the entire place whilst we ate and chatted.

A server comes up and takes your drinks, I suggest you speak loudly as it is rather noisy due to it being so popular! Once your drinks have been ordered you are free to go pick a plate up and fill it to your hearts content. I opted for a curry and by gosh it was one of the best vegetarian curry’s I have ever tasted!

Steamed Rice, (sauce I can not remember) with Chickpeas, Potato a’loo, a single Samosa, plain naan, oh and not forgetting the french fry styled chips. This all together was seriously yummy.


As a blogger you have to wait ten minutes till you can eat your food for a photograph. Robyn’s didn’t particularly look appetising on his plate, (his skills on dishing up, are much to be desired-not!) He was very impressed on how quick the steak he ordered for his second dish, came too him and said was quite nice as “thin” steaks go.


Oh how could I forget the drinks, from the Super Summer Menu – Cocktails and Mocktails – I was driving and planned on having an alcoholic drink in our next bar. So I opted for a lovely Fruit Crush Mocktail, the glass and presentation was lovely. Robyn opted for a Ginger Pimms and the presentation of that was even better, so Instagrammable! When he went up for his third plate, I happily snapped away whilst eating some eggplant Pizza.


I am actually allergic to nuts, but the Super Summer Walnut Brownie looked so damn good, so I braved it. Luckily I noticed the walnuts were very visible, so I bit around them and happily enjoyed the chocolatey-ness.

Let me know what dishes you pick when you visit FeD- Cardiff 



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