I may have not long come back from a holiday up in sunny North Wales, but with moving house, decorating and travelling over an hour to and from work every day it has taken its toll on me and my poor back aches a lot!

Wishful thinking is making me want a spa day in the gorgeous Spa at Cardiff’s Lush, but until someone decides to spoil me, I’ve picked some items you can buy for a pamper evening at home on a budget.  


So, let’s start off by taking off your makeup I have recently started using daily my BodyShop Seaweed purifying facial cleanser as a second cleanse after my everyday facial wash. Then let’s hop into the shower (because I don’t have a bath) and see what I use… First off I use the Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar (see below for details) I just rub this all over my neck, shoulders and lower back, it gently loosens up my tense and clicky muscles. lush-spa-wiccy

Once, I am feeling a bit more relaxed and the water is warming my skin I use the Turkish Delight Roulade, now I love the smell and taste of actual Turkish delight so when I noticed this in the shop I was instantly drawn to it. The only thing I recommend is when you hand over the bar for them to cut at the counter tell them how much you want to pay for it and they can cut to that or they’ll cut to the nearest 100g they can as I ended up paying £11.25 rather than the £9.95 stated on the slate. This smells amazing though, filled with rose absolute it is balancing and restorative for the skin with also moisturising factors obviously so it leaves my skin soft.  

Then once I have done a balancing act on one leg (I have perfected this now!) whilst I shave, because I love nothing more than freshly shaven legs against my bed sheets, it helps sends me right to sleep!  I also really want to try the Dirty Shaving cream which apparently takes the sting out of shaving and as I can suffer from eczema and dry skin, I often get shavers rash, so this is on my to buy list next month. I just use the Lullaby Shampoo bar, I have had this bar for so long, I bought it when my fringe was suffering from dandruff and it works, so I use it when I need help with that issue or just when I could do with a calming head massage because of its lavender absolute and roman chamomile oil it is perfect for sending yourself into a sleepy relaxed state and it is also recommended for children above the age of 2.


As I wander around the bathroom in a towel I massage Full of Grace Moisturiser into my skin and boy does my skin feel soft after this. Also as I have combination skin the fact this controls greasiness is brilliant also, because it is so hard to find a moisturising product that doesn’t create greasiness. 


So after all that fun and relaxation in the bathroom, obviously set up with candles and such I then go ahead into my bedroom put on some relaxing music, thanks to Lush Spa Cardiff I now have The Comforter Fresh Handmade Soundtrack. I genuinely have tried this out and it really is relaxing, now I am the type of girl to giggle unnecessarily in yoga at music why I loved and recommend the RnB Bare Yoga I did in this post. After a few minutes of pulling myself together I really started to relax with this music on and blow dried my hair, painted my nails and popped some lip scrub and balm on – obviously I recommend the Lush Santa’s Lip Scrub (yes, I am still using this!) and the Dr Paw Paw multipurpose soothing balm.


Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoy a lovely relaxing night by yourself one evening or even with your girlfriends or partner and stock up on plenty of affordable goodies. 

As always you can buy online and check prices online before you hit the shops, but hey hitting the shops and taking in the Lush shop smell is just a big part of the fun right?

Product descriptions;

Wiccy Magic Muscles massage bar- Little note from Lush “Wiccy Magic Muscles contains a warming blend of cinnamon and peppermint essential oils that are said to stimulate the circulation to warm and loosen up stiff, achy muscles. These essential oils are blended with Fair Trade organic cocoa butter and shea butter as well as organic jojoba oil and extra virgin coconut oil to sink into the skin. Use the smooth side all over the body, then turn it over and use the knobbly aduki beans on any particularly stubborn knots.”

Turkish Delight Roulade – Little note from Lush “Everything’s coming up roses. At least, it will be after washing with this exquisite, decadent roulade. If your delight is bathing in roses (and who wouldn’t love that?) then this treat will put a smile on your face. Damask roses from Senir, Turkey, are picked before sunrise to ensure the very best are harvested as the distinctive scent starts to evaporate when the sun rises. Lather up and wash all over to breathe in the scent of freshly picked flowers.”

Full of Grace Mouisturiser – “A deeply moisturising facial serum in solid form that glides on to leave skin feeling renewed without heaviness. We’ve created a skin-feeding blend of oils and mixed with Portobello mushrooms for their skin-protecting vitamins and minerals, whilst chamomile blue oil and calamine powder calm the skin – and the latter controls greasiness too. Warm on the fingertips or glide it across the skin like a massage bar, allowing the bar to melt and all the beautiful ingredients to soak in.”

Lullaby Shampoo Bar – “The calming combination of chamomile, ground almonds and oat milk gently soothe the scalp. Raise the spirits with Tunisian sourced neroli oil, proven to aid the release of serotonin (the happy hormone)! Lavender oil and absolute relax and balance, ideal for children two years and up; pass over the hair once or work into a light lather in the hands first.”

The Comforter CD – “Featuring sounds recorded in the Dorset countryside and the music of Lush’s resident maestro Simon Emmerson and his band, these bespoke sounds are key to taking you to more magical, less stressful place. This CD features cover versions of songs that evoke childhood and fun as well as garden warblers, owls and nightjars to put a smile on our face and leave you feeling relaxed, even without the Comforter? treatment.”


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