I want to feel confident in fashion! I’ve been told I have a quirky style mix between effortless casual chic and inner rock chick. But when I am in work, I nod to power dressing as well. But I have a fear of fashion trends, which I am trying to break! I mentioned a little bit in the #LaceinFashion post how much I fear it and how I am slowly starting to introduce ‘fashion pieces’ into my style. (The thought of colourful culottes trousers still scares me, though) 


I had this baker boy cap when I was little, and yes my head is still small enough to fit it, it’s a tight fit, but it fits! And I am so glad because I love the baker boy hat trend and since I saw my brave fashion idol Megan Ellaby wearing one in a video I craved having one again, but the only place I could find one was ASOS and it didn’t win my heart around for its price. But in a clear out, I found my old one and I love it! It’s velvet, small enough for my pea-sized head and cute as!





How would you style a baker boy hat?



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