An Indy Luxe Mermaid Brushes review as highly requested.

An Indy Luxe Mermaid Brushes review as highly requested.

This post was actually highly requested on my Instagram – I posted this photograph asking my lovely followers if they actually read makeup brush reviews and would be interested in an honest review of the Indy Luxe brushes. The feedback was a pretty big YES!!



I know something that you don’t know – about this company and it honestly hasn’t wavered my opinion at all because if I’m honest I was slightly doubtful on the quality of these brushes as I have seen this “style” far and wide across the web in a range of prices. I just fancied pretty brushes for the gram if I’m honest, so the quality wasn’t a must. But what I’ve actually got in return was reliable makeup brushes that I use daily and look pretty AF!




I purchased the set myself before anyone starts thinking I was paid for this review, I asked you lovely bunch and you replied yes to wanting this post.  – OK?

Indy Luxe comparison photograph of unwashed and washed



First of all, I was a little worried because the brush bristles are white and I thought using them would stain them, but I can show you proof that VERY little stain has occurred. This particular brush I am showing you is my blusher brush; I’ve used this brush for about 3 weeks without washing (naughty of me I know) with various different shades and brands of pink blush. As you can see the bristles are fairly stained pink but look what happened when I did my usual cleaning routine – I’m rather impressed Indy Luxe!



Of course, they are cute and Instagrammable but are they easy to hold and durable? – They’ve surpassed my expectations actually, I don’t find the scales to be annoying at all when using in fact, I love the way the brush is tapered smaller as it goes down because I really hate those big fat brushes that feel like I’m holding a crayon. The only downside is the little cute tail does occasionally try and stick itself out of my makeup bag which I have to be careful of as I don’t want the little tail to snap off!

An Indy Luxe Mermaid Brushes Review as highly requested - 1

Pricing – Well Indy Luxe have whispered that they will be selling all sets individually too so we shall soon see how they compare to buying individually and in a set – I’m hoping they bring out a sleek dark set for Winter time.  Price comparison; you can certainly buy cheaper, boring sets, but for the price of the set and how impressed I am right now – I’d say they beat a few makeup brush brands – I’m not talking about you Spectrum Brushes as I still do love your beautiful designs and of course you’re Welsh too, so us ladies stick together. But, whilst talking about it Indy Luxe are British too, so if you haven’t got the pounds to spend on a gorgeous Mean Girls set, definitely opt for Indy Luxe you won’t regret it!

Indy Luxe Mermaid Brushes review as highly requested -2

Oh yeah, almost forgot, in my Insta pic I mentioned I thought they rivalled a well-known brush brand – It’s Real Techniques I’m talking about, now I’ve never been a total fan of them as I find their brushes/sponges a little steep and I’ve had the bristles flake out on me a fair few times. Plus the bristles just don’t feel as soft! Like seriously these mermaid brushes I could stroke my face with all day – Real Techniques – Merh –  

Any other questions you may have let me know & I’ll answer 🙂 


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