If you don’t know what #hinched is or #hincharmy – Then WHERE the BLOODY HELL have you been? It’s the new viral trend, Mrs Hinch is the new Zoella of cleaning & home and if you’re not already on the bandwagon then GET ON IT. Get your home in shape & visit B&M bargains NOW. No, seriously now, cause I’ve heard everything is selling out fast and empty shelves are real, I’ve experienced the Zoflora shortage myself now and I’ve used that sh*t for years!!

I’ve had my @athomewithcharlee Instagram account for months now, thank you so much to all 103 of you who have followed already as I’ve only got 15 photos on there currently and as of 8th September I’ve started adding to my Insta-stories and making a highlight (do I call it the #hinched highlight or the cleaning highlight? hmm thoughts please) But I’ve not posted to it much for numerous reasons, I’m lazy, I’m either at work or spending time with the Mr, OR cleaning/ blogging. But the main reason I’ve not been able to just ‘snap’ a photo of my home (cause let’s be real, that’s a lot more easier than me getting ready for outfit photos) is that I rent, so I just don’t feel like my home is ‘that’ Instagrammable yet. I mean, maybe that’s why the whole 103 of you follow me because my home is more realistic and cosier than those grey/white Insta-worthy homes? 

Cleaning your home with cruelty-free products and I've been Hinched.BUT thanks to MrsHinchHome_x I feel like that could all change now. I’m going to get like 98% of those marks off my walls (previous tenants had 2 little girls, she also wore fake tan, so it’s ALL around the light switches/plugs) I may actually have clean floors for a change as I’ve treated myself to a nice “streak-free” mop and a sh*t tonne of products! (We have a dog so floors are never paw-free for long!)

Obviously just pop on over to Mrs Hinch home Instagram for her cleaning recommendations and tips, but here’s mine if everything is sold out or you’d just like other alternatives; (Tip: If they are grey, then they are links where you may be able to purchase in bulk at a lower cost)


    • Dettol Mould Remover – If you don’t get mould on your bathroom walls (especially if you have it in the extension) Then PLEASE share your secrets, but for now, this is our combat, I let Robyn crack on with this stuff cause it stinks and sets off my asthma, so vent well ladies and gents! (Not cruelty-free)



    • B&M Essence Fragranced Candle – Gingerbread (Not cruelty-free)


    • Bold 2in1 Gel – Scent Sparking Bloom & Yellow Poppy (Not cruelty-free)






I’ll be switching over to cruelty-free cleaning products soon, and I’ll be featuring them all/reviewing them on my Instagram Highlight. Check it out here.

Several uses for Zoflora, some from experience that I’ve used myself and some from the Mrs Hinch archives;

  • Dilute with water and wash down your worktops for a super clean worktop and a wonderful smelling kitchen.
  • Dilute and use to soak away cat smells in your kitty litter box. I’ve used this technique for YEARS myself, mix half a cap of Zoflora to hot/boiling water and leave to soak in an empty kitty litter box, use a small brush or tissue to scrub away any stubborn poop stains (carefully). Empty down an outside drain then rinse, rinse, rinse with cold water, finally lay some kitchen roll on it and dry it up before placing clean kitty litter in it.
  • Disinfect your toilet brush. Place brush down the loo and tip a cap full of Zoflora in, leave for an hour to work!
  • Sink/bath plug cleaning – Pour a cap full down the plugs and pouring boiling water from the kettle down
  • Bin Smell – Neat cap full of Zoflora on a tissue and chuck in your empty bin
  • Stale Potatoes/Food Smells – Another neat cap full of Zoflora on a tissue, place tissue in an unused container (I use old takeaway cartons) and place in cupboards for a lovely smell everytime you open.
  • Car scent that last – I borrowed this one from Mrs Hinch, let a cap full of Zoflora dry on a couple of tumble drier sheets, once dried place on top of car vents (ones at the window) and another sheet under your car seats, honestly smells amazing!

Cleaning your home with cruelty-free products and I've been Hinched.

So, have you followed my home Insta @athomewithcharlee yet? – You have? YES MAAAATE! (If you know the reference, you know!)

Happy Cleaning Lovelies 


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