Necklace-Side-ViewSo I’ve been fancying ‘that’ golden horn necklace for a long time since I first saw Suzie, from Hello October wearing it, then Lilly Pebbles and now Camille Charrière, so I took to the web in search for finding out exactly where it is from. BECAUSE I had a little devious smirk knowing that I had a very similar, golden horn necklace for most probably a fraction of the price AND I found it in the sale. Eeeppp 😍. 


After a little digging, I believe I found it, it is the golden horn necklace from Missoma priced at £159! Total investment piece and I am seriously debating saving for it if I get enough wear out of my dupe.Rihanna-gold-chain-neclace

There is just something about simple gold pendant jewellery I think that appears a little more elegant and luxe. Take Rihanna for example in this pic, yes I think the planet sized hoops are a little OTT for the outfit, but the necklace gives it a quirky elegance. Normally you won’t find delicate pendants paired with tees as they get a bit overshadowed but Rihanna’s one appears to stand out with its long chain and unique design. Making you wonder is this just “another” piece or have sentimental value.






I genuinely would love nothing more than to wake up one Christmas to a beautiful simple pendant necklace sat under the tree from Mr, but I know in reality that won’t happen, as Robyn doesn’t have the faintest idea on jewellery BUT I live in hope and will cheerfully wear my £15 bargain dupe necklace till it turns green and falls off my neck. (I’ve researched and apparently, it won’t tarnish easily, but you never know, I plan on wearing it a lot!)


Have I ever told you I find dupes great? They give you the freedom to try the trend without forking out your rent money. From there you can either stick to your bargain find or save to invest in a piece you can potentially keep forever and pass onto your kids or sell for money towards a new investment piece. 

 The exact dupe I’m showing in this post is now sold out, but please find alternatives below for under £30!

 3 chain necklace, choker and half moon crescent – £12

Gold horn necklace, medium chain – £23.25

Small gold horn necklace – £6.95

Horn necklace with crystals – £14

Tell me in the comments if you have an investment jewellery piece and was it worth it?




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