July Monthly roundup - Outfit Post

July 2018 Monthly Roundp - outfit post
Hey, so Sophie Milner from Fashion Slave inspired this blog post and hopefully many others. I shall be taking a look back at my month for my own record, it will include real-life ups and downs, a bit about RoseabovetheThorns and anything in between.

July Monthly roundup - Lace outfit post

At the start of the month I was feeling a little down, ok that’s a lie I was pretty much grumpy and stroppy. How Robyn coped with me I’m not sure. I switched back to my old ‘pill’ in June. I was on the very strong Dianette for skin problems that was all sorted and better now so I took myself to the Dr’s for a chat about what is best for me and my body because I also noticed the pill seemed to make me very emotional on my week up to my 7 day break and during. So, I promised Robyn that I’d be back to my normal self on my old pill. But that’s not quite workeed out yet. Over the month I could feel my hormones were SHIT! I knew I was being unreasonably angry, stroppy and emotional, but I couldn’t help myself. I didn’t see the point in anything anyore. It basically came at the wrong time, the heat wave isn’t helping and my daily job was getting stressful. So, when I was having an OK day, those two factors quickly changed my mood to irritable again.

I am really enjoying posting again on Instagram with my blog photos and dedicated outfit shots purely for Instagram. I also gaied 40+ followers on there which is the most I have gained probably all year just in the last 2 weeks. But I have been watching Youtube videos on tips and tricks and implementing them. I watched a live video from Live.LoveChardonnay and she made me realise that even though I am trying with Instagram I could actually be doing more, so I tried that for a week and so far it’s paid off!

I finished off my month with an amazing blog collaboration on a gifting basis with PLT that I am super proud about. Read that post here





I barely did any ‘me’ shopping this month, in fact I think all I bought was a Primark Disney Stitch top, NewLook earrings and tan trousers that I found in the NewLook sale and I am still undecided on. I have purchased a few things for the garden this month that won’t actually arrive till 1st of August but basically we’re hoping to have a lovely summer BBQ with our friends that has a geeky/movie/game theme.

Lastly, I got invited to the Prezzo summer Whitley Gin tasting event thanks to Georgia Hathaway. If your in mumbles for an evening out or even a day trip I definitely recommend popping in for a bite or a glass of cheeky gin. I also loved the new Rhubarb & Ginger Whitley Gin so much that we visited 3 shops to find the very last bottle left in Morrison’s so we could have some for our following BBQ weekend.

And that’s it, basically my month wrapped up, I am really hoping that August will be much better, starting it off with friends is bound to be amazing and I have SO many untouched gifted items that I really need to style/test that it’ll hopefully be a productive one that I can achieve some fab content around for you. Hopefully see you soon.

July Monthly roundup - Outfit Post

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