A little while ago I was window shopping in Zara, as I so often do when I found an oversized denim jacket with lace-up detailing around the waist and arms. I’m usually all for body-con and fitted clothes so my desire for this jacket took me by surprise.

Noticing the £50 price tag though made me continue to wander through the shop, but I haven’t stopped thinking about it since. And it’s those pieces I know I should get, treat myself too. Thinking about it, pairing it with outfits in my head means I am going to get my use out of it. Right? Then Shein contacted me for a collab, a brand that I mentioned here in this post that I would love to buy from (Yes, I literally did a happy dance when they asked for a collab). I went looking through the pages and came across two slightly different variations of the Zara denim jacket, these had black lace-up detailing instead of cream-white and the style was ever so slightly different. I had to get it! One, because it was literally half the price, Two, I said I wanted to try out their pieces so what better way and Three, well if I loved the jacket then I could tell you, my readers, that it was amazing and save you money! No brainer. 



Outfit 1: Miffy Tee – Primark, Jacket – Shein*, Jeans – Newlook, Umbrella – Newlook, Handbag – T K Maxx: Steve Madden (Similar)



Outfit 2: Jacket – Shein*, Jeans – Zara (similar)

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Behind the scenes – What you can not see in these photos is HOW much it was raining, struggling with my umbrella in the wind and the bloody AMOUNT of pigeons we had surrounding us on the floor.


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