Living with daily headaches and struggling to achieve my dreams

I’m one of those people who feel the need to fill every day with something productive. I work 8-5 Monday to Friday, that should count as productivity, right? Yet, only SOMETIMES do I allow myself to have the evening off doing nothing but watching TV with Robyn and walking Beau. On the weekends though I always feel like I’ve wasted it, ruining my chance of success with my blog/social media. It’s happening more frequently recently and I hate myself for it.

More than anything I hate myself for feeling like this, is it society pushing me into this? Thinking I HAVE to constantly be doing something OR is it the reality if I’m not striving to achieve it daily, it ain’t going to happen? Either way, it makes me feel shitty.

Especially when I have plans to be creative, get on top of my blog or even my life admin yet, these cursed headaches render me useless. I’m not one for medication taking. I’ve had my fair bout of being ill as a child and my mother had to hide antibiotics in small cake slices for me to swallow. I don’t like taking pills. Okay, I take my daily birth control pill, because it’s a security blanket that I can control (hopefully) when we have children. We’ve fully set our mind on owning a home first so thank you pills. But when it comes to taking a simple paracetamol, I’d rather push through it for an hour or two and see if it subsidies but in the last year the headaches WON’T go away. Even if I take a paracetamol, sometimes I’m still there drinking lots of water to keep hydrated, taking naps (which isn’t me, I don’t nap!) and pretty much crying because I can’t even watch TV.



Instead, I curl into a ball and through blurry vision watch Robyn plays his games whilst wishing he would turn it down just a little, even though I know it’s already pretty quiet but I feel like a dog must do, every other sense is heightened. The slightest movement and I want to run for the bathroom and the thought of working on my laptop or putting on makeup for photographs is a NO GO! – It sucks.


















Do any of you suffer from headaches? How do you deal with them?

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