The Golden EffectI have had long hair since I can remember, in fact I was actually born with a mop of ginger hair. I looked kinda like a cabbage patch doll, I have also had a full fringe like 70% of my life. The other percentage I was either too small to have one, or I went through the phase of wanting to look like everyone else with a glamorous side swept fringe, and instead ended up looking like a long haired boy. Yikes!

I am going to put this in a pros and cons list for you, totally simple to scroll through, cause I know you prefer photos than big write ups!


1.You can practically create any style you wish

2. It looks great straight or curly or even somewhere in-between

3. Who doesn’t love long squishing pony tails right?

4. People associate girls with long nice, shiny locks that they take pride in their appearance and takes effort… yeah sure if you miss out the amount of dry shampoo and damp drying buns over night…

5. It looks nice?

6. having a trim is like wooohoo! it’s amazing how much lighter your hair can feel with even an inch off. So that means more excuses to be pampered by a hairdresser.
Long hair-Cut


1. It can be very heavy! especially if you have thick coarse hair like me and I have to say, I have yet to meet anyone with longer hair to their waist or below with very fine hair. So it like weighs a ton!

2. Drying time – just don’t get me even started on it, you let it air dry yes thats a good girl thing, but then you have to tackle with frizziness if its still damp when you sleep on it, or if it’s too warm in your room with central heating, then frizziness will definitely come!


Pssst. who likes my Winnie the Pooh dressing gown huh?

3. Like I said it weighs a ton so having a messy bun or a pulled taught ponytail in all day is going to kill!

4. It takes like twice the time to style

5. It takes more product! more conditioner, yep loads more for all those ends, shine serum, frizz control it all adds up!

6. Want to curl it using a curling iron or straighter then I hope you have patience, a lot of time and strong arms!

7. Want dead straight locks! well make sure none of it gets caught in the back of your coat or jump or later on you will have a ridiculous kink at the back of your head!

8. You have long luscious locks that you wanted to look shiny and well looked after, but those bloody split ends!

Long Hair - Straight

Just taking a look at the numbers it kinda shows that the cons outweigh the pros, so why do I still have long hair and refuse to chop. Simple answer I’m scared!

I recently saw a girl on the train, who had hip length medium brown hair with slight blonde streaks, it was lovely and straight but a bit all over the place for the first 4 days on the train but on the 5th day, she had softly curled it and it looked gorgeous! I just wanted to instagram and pinterest it for you guys! It made me wish I hadn’t chopped 3 inches off of my hair, but then I remembered that hair that heavy it doesn’t stick around for long it slowly loosens out, gets stuck in coats/ bags on shoulder and takes forever to curl! So I happily strutted around with my dead straight blonde locks, to the nearest starbucks (or more likely the only one I knew of)

So let me know what do you have long or short? But honestly, what would you prefer though?

Can’t wait to hear from you





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