modern-home-thumbnailDecorating your home or moving soon? Then this post is perfect for you if you want some inspiration on the modern home style, or want to know where to get some investment pieces that won’t break the bank. 

It is pretty much standard these days, to have a pineapple in your home somewhere in the form of an ornament or lamp right? This one is more on the pricier side but damn, wouldn’t it look good on that marble and copper side table. The hexagon shape of the table is very modern and everyone and their grandma know that marble is in right now. 

My aim is to go for a copper themed kitchen when decorating the new kitchen, which means searching shops and the internet for copper items and perhaps spray painting those few pots and such that I just can’t find. If you haven’t already got kitchen utensils or don’t mind getting rid of your old and opting for new, then I really suggest going for these gorgeous copper utensils in a marble pot! HELLO, Blogger goals! I also put in a black marble chopping board cause hell why not?! 

Who doesn’t love a fluffy rug to put their toes between right? If you don’t, well unfollow me now… I don’t need that kind of negativity around here (ha. I joke) I am quite into the layering rug trend at the moment, so I would totally layer one of the two fluffy rugs on here with a shorter haired patterned rug in the bedroom or office room. 

I personally think that chest of drawers is gorgeous! The gorgeous wood stain with the gold adjacent lines is just so modern and elegant I want it right now! I have also always wanted a comfy and chic armchair for reading in (more like blogging on my laptop) I am thinking this armchair would look perfect placed next to the chest of drawers and a tall lamp behind. (Gosh, I wish I had the money for all this right now)

A glass coffee table I wouldn’t personally go for as glass furniture tends to show dust and cleaning smudges very easily, but glass is totally modern so I had to put it in case you fancied one. Glass furniture does make the room appear and feel larger than it is because there are no sharp edges cutting off floor space or such. Kind of like the mirror effect in a room. 

There will also be a post up soon with the same format as this one but in a retro theme. (I so wish Robyn would allow me to decorate one room in this style, perhaps one day!)


Thanks for reading, which room is your next design project? Let me know in the comments 🙂

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3 thoughts on “Modern Home design – Updating your home or moving here’s some pieces you need!”

    1. Oooo good luck moving, try not to spend all of your money (something I am failing at doing right now! haha)
      Charlee x

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