scarves are perfect for autumnal accessorising

scarves are perfect for autumnal accessorising

Autumn is a great time to accessorize as you often layer up so much, that you may need a belt to give you back shape or a bright handbag so you don’t look like a walking beige or black blob of knitwear. So I am sorry as this post is kind of an obvious one, cause you all know how to wear a scarf! But I found myself nosing online as you do and found some great pieces that I could totally accessorize with if it wasn’t for the fact I already have a bunch. So instead, I decided to show you the pieces with shoppable links and how I would style them. 

I mostly always stop and think which handbag will go best with the outfit rather than just grabbing one and running out the door. So, starting with handbags because in Autumn/Winter you will most likely be wearing a coat, so a handbag may be the first accessory anyone may notice. The Missguided Burgandy Gucci dupe handbag you are probably SO sick of me harping on about by now is in the widget but at £18 it is a total steal, and I’m not joking I will be purchasing this later on! The burgundy one from Very is totally screaming Christmas vibes to me so if you want to get into the spirit already – You go, girl!

Scarves and gloves are obvious for Winter but sometimes they can be necessary for Autumn cold days too. I’ve recently been pairing this oversized scarf with a blazer and tee to keep me warm and yet still chic. Also with pretty tops and denim jackets for days out shopping as you can easily unwind the scarf to sit loosely on your shoulders when you get too warm inside.

Autumns must have accessories include a belt.


Belts, I own quite a few but I mostly just stick to 2… One is this bargain Primark tan one and the other slightly pricier from ASOS back when western belts were totally in. Well, they still are in, I see double western clasped belts sold over ASOS all the time and western style boots are in this season but there’s something so timelessly classic about the tan and gold one.  Slim belts are great too as I would tie them traditionally then loop them around themselves to cinch in oversized cardigans and jumpers at the waist. 



Statment earrings… Soon my hair will have the chop, therefore I think a pair of statement earrings will be great to make my probably straight bob stand out! Obviously, you can wear statement earrings with long hair like I currently am wearing my favourite black fringe earrings. I’d pair statement earrings with a crisp white shirt and black trousers for work or a basic tee and skirt outfit to give the outfit more detailing that’s not too in your face. 

Jewellery & watches are obvious for accessorizing, and a statement watch has been around since forever. Watches can easily tell your wealth i.e. the designer and details are a big hello, so you could invest in a watch as a key piece. But for a more timeless and affordable option, Olivia Burton watches are pretty much one of the first watch brands that pop into my mind. Statement chunky necklaces are a bit in the past, but chokers are still in! I love layering them, my latest go-to layered pieces are a chunky Primark choker with delicate gold pendant necklaces. (all under £15!)


Autumn must have accessories || red baker boy cap

Finally, an item to keep you warm (perfect for autumn) a baker boy cap is something I have raved about here. It can hide a greasy/flat hair day and it can also make you look really chic and put together. I now own two in my collection and am hoping someone may get me a tweed one for Christmas. I would pair baker boy caps with a layered jumper, dress and boots for a chic street style look also pairing with jeans and a tee to make such a simple outfit stand out.

Now, I’m not saying you need to own an item of every single one of these accessories, I mean they are budget prices so you totally could over like 2 months buy a couple, but if you did want to buy just one and invest in a designer handbag or belt. It would totally knock your outfits up another level. 

I hope you all have a lovely Autumn and have fun with your outfits!


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  1. These are some banging accessories and I especially love that red hat, it looks great on you! I’m also loving that choker, what a great idea having the bow and the metal necklace part. You seem to be having a bit of a colour theme going on there with the nudes and yellows!

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