I know, I know, I’ve done a lot of Shein wishlists recently, but if you haven’t heard already. I am officially an ambassador of theirs and have received 2 of my favourite wardrobe pieces from them, here and here. This post though is a realistic post from other online stores of all the things I’ve had my eye on for a while or just thought oooo must have. Gimmie gimmie – So, Rob, mum and Kim – Here’s my wishlist 😉 haha

RoseabovetheThorns Autumnal Wishlist




Earrings; Anything from statement to pretty or totally out their ones. Right now I’m going through a phase where I’m loving them. So, I’ve picked 3 from a website I’ve recently found and they are so cheap that I think this payday I’m just going to treat myself to these three pictured on the right. 

  1. Black Tassel 
  2. Evil Eyes
  3. Purple Pom Pom

Baker boy caps, I love my velvet black one from the early 2000’s but I fell for this tweed one. Isn’t it gorgeous?! 




Okay, I’m still pretty new to the whole hoarding makeup thing and when I buy a new product and love it I tend to use it constantly without change… So I’m a bit pants and that’s why I won’t be a beauty blogger anytime soon. haha, I also still have some oldies, but good products in my wishlist that I am yet to buy… The Pixi Glow Tonic, well everyone raves about that but at £18, I want my skin to glow! The Tanya Burr lipstick look so sleek and I’m really debating placing a Lottie London order. 


As you may know, I’ve found a new love for slogan tees…. yeah me and 1billion other women, I know!   



RoseabovetheThorns Autumnal Wishlist I’ve never been a trainer girl. But in this post, I wrote about breaking out of my fashion comfort zone and I think these would be a great addition. They are a very similar design to the Gucci Ace Trainers at a literal fraction of the price and I’m thinking of pairing them with ripped hem jeans, a slogan tee and a tailored cut blazer – Yep, off-duty chic!    



I like the word miscellaneous… it’s a good word isn’t it… yeah I’m channelling Miranda Hart right now aren’t I… (yes, I’ve started watching the show all over again with Robyn) Anyways, back to the point…. I’ve looked at decals for my MacBook for years but never settled on just one, I still can’t settle on one, I used to really love Alice in Wonderland, so perhaps one of these? Help me choose please? haha  

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