At the start of the year I noticed plenty of girls posted their 2014 favourite makeup or so on and I didn’t want to jump on the band wagon too. So I decided to wait a month or two, too try a few more cosmetics out and then give you a summary of my go to make up for 2015. I know plenty of girls have a ‘winter’ makeup selection and a summer selection but if i’m honest it doesn’t get extremley hot in south wales often. So I don’t change it up much, yes maybe in the next few months I mightn’t wear my cat eye flick daily, as it would probably smudge and sweat off in an hour. The same goes for liquid foundation and I use moisturisers and serums a lot more in winter months.

So this is basically an everyday go to makeup collection.

Lets go!



 * Bourjois Paris Colour Boost in 07 Proudly Naked *

It boasts 10Hour comfort & hydration with colour waterproof. – yeahhh!!! if maybe you don’t move your lips! Don’t get me wrong I adore the colour, it is so easy to apply and very silky smooth on the lips. Almost too silky that your lips almost slide off each other and this helps to the quick fading. I tend to wear this over the top of very bold berry lips to add a gloss and lighter tone.



* Bourjois Beauty’full volume in Dark Khol *

This is by far my favourite mascara I have yet to find. The little wand brush is very good for catching those tiny hairs and it glides through my lashes effortlessly. Downside to the wand brush is it is rather chunky, although small in size so when I am getting very close and tired I have to make sure not too close to my eyeball or ouch!. The liquid hardly ever clumps and its staying power I can’t fault, yes I do have that typical girl mascara smudge under my left eye for some reason but hey! its part of being a girl isn’t it?


 * M.U.A Blush Perfection, Cream Blusher in Blossom *

* M.U.A Powder Blusher in Candyfloss *

I have to say M.U.A’s range of blushers suit me perfectly, they never look too scary and fierce in their pink colours. I only recently in the last year found the secret joy of blusher. As before I found the colours far too daunting for me, but my first one was the Powder and I was so pleasantly surprised. The colour is quite muted but can be built up for a darker colour. The powder is so easy to blend in and no mess or fuss.Whereas the Cream blusher I adore on me but by gosh it’s a tricky bugger. This is one I tend to only use if I have time!!! Applying with your fingers can be a hit and miss some days, It gets all over your tips (make sure you have a wet wipe to hand before!) Then if you streak it too much on your cheek well… you look like your wearing red go faster stripes!. Then you have to blend, blend, blend! I often then just have to circle over with my pre-used foundation brush just to make sure no harsh edges!. I love both colours so much and will buy again!


 As you can see I’ve used this miracle a lot!!! So much I just bought a new one on the weekend and broke the lovely new clean seal this morning. Lets start with the name “Infallible 24H” does it come true, well I put it on at 7:15 this morning it’s now 20:25 and it’s still going strong! no cake-ness at all, yes it’s faded a bit but come on unless you never touch your face it’s bound to wear off a bit! I use the lightest shade around which really is a bugger to come across, on the weekend I went into 2 Superdrugs and 2 Boots before I found this one. It’s consistency is light and build able which is why I love it. When I’m having a glorious no red mountain spot day or just feel like braving it I only need one very thin coating but if a devil mole has had fun on my face then two layers without concealer works for me.


Charlotte X


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