One of my tasks for myself this year is to support local welsh businesses or buy from British suppliers if possible, which to me also means supporting my fellow bloggers/Instagrammers and alike. So today I bring you a post with 8 of my favourite Instagrammers and their accounts. With a mixture of beauty, fashion, lifestyle and interior design. 

Kicking it off with a local babe to me from Wales is @bethxlouisexx – Beth has under 1k followers but I am positive will quickly hit that 1k mark with her fabulous Instagram feed. On Beth’s feed, you can mostly find beauty and skin care but with a little lifestyle thrown in. (How cute are those pink heels😍)


@Bella_justaddcake was an account I recently found and with just over 1K followers I look at her fashion insta feed for inspiration. Right now I am loving the grey and pink muted tones she has going on. For latest fashion, and how to style trends casually I would look for this account.


@pintsizedbeauty I am pretty sure you will already know about, if not? Then, what rock have you been hiding under? Her muted pink tone photographs are heart eye emoji worthy, I can only imagine she spends hours carefully placing the items, photographing and editing. So hats off to this girl and anyone that puts this much effort into their work! So I am fairly confident she will hit that 3K mark soon, so let’s help her yeah? #GirlPower


@paula13t isn’t British, she is American but my gosh I love her Instagram feed, so I had to include her as my ‘liked posts’ are just full of her flatlay imagery. I’d be lying if I didn’t include her, as so many love her feed rightly with a proud count of 7K followers. She has the perfect monochrome feed at the moment with splashes of muted colours. If I didn’t love bright colour so much, this would be a feed theme I would take inspiration from for definite!


@emily.atelier her feed has been a major home inspiration for me recently as I have moved into my new home. Soon I will have an Instagram-worthy home I hope, but I give serious kudos to this girl as she has the grey/black and white home feel that I love at the moment, with plenty of plants dotted everywhere. So if you love home interior or are moving/decorating I would seriously hit the follow button with her other 3K followers! 


If you are into beauty then a @barelytherebeauty account is for you, the high-end products she features will give you major envy but the beautiful colours she matches in her feed make me love it even more! Varying colours of pink and purples are my thing! With only over 3K followers I think we need to show this girl just how pretty her feed is!


I think @emsalicee‘s feed is just so darn cute! With the mixture of fashion, beauty and lifestyle it is the perfect balance between “RL” feed and structured. The cute wood background she uses breaks the colourful selfies up wonderfully and I hope this girl reaches her 2K mark pretty soon.


Finally is, @joeydevivre, her account is a recent find to me but has a perfect balance of beauty and makeup looks (she is an MUA) and game illustrations for my geeky gamer side of me. Also, her feed is pink and white so why wouldn’t I love it? With a following of over 5K, I can see why because of urmm, look at that eye makeup!


I hope you have found some new Instagram feed’s that you can lust over too,

If you’d like to check out my Instagram you can find me at @roseabovethethorns 


Happy Instagramming




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